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The diversity of our research topics is matched by the diversity of the equipment available for research and development in our faculties. Our laboratories are comprehensively equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and software tools. This ensures that all research results are state of the art.

For further enquiries about equipment, please contact the head of the Research Centre!

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"We are creating more space for digitalisation"

Digital knowledge for companies and students

The FH Upper Austria DigiSpace at the Management Faculty in Steyr in the Museum Arbeitswelt is a space of digital possibilities where companies and students can experience and shape the potential of the digitalisation of companies in an area of 500 m². Specifically, the focus is on the economic utilisation of digital technologies and the role of management in the successful design and implementation of digital strategies in companies. The digitalisation centre was designed by Professor Michael Shamiyeh, Head of the "Center for Future Design" at the University of Art and Design Linz, and implemented by Hertl.Architekten. The official opening took place on 24 April.

FH Upper Austria DigiSpace: The new highlight at Campus Steyr in the Museum Arbeitswelt
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The centerpiece of the new Digitalization Center at the Steyr campus is the Digital Boardroom, featuring an auditorium for 120 people and five booths where interactive, digital options for teamwork are utilized and further developed in real-time.

Equipped with a 5-meter-wide LED video wall, 12 interactive touchscreens, two labs for behavioral analysis with state-of-the-art sensors, and the Smart Production Area, FH OÖ DigiSpace provides practical insights into new, intelligent solutions for managing the digital future of companies. Selected use cases demonstrate concrete examples of applying digital transformation to business leadership, offering valuable learning experiences for students and benefits for companies.

  • The space spans 500 square meters on two levels with 12 interactive touchscreens.
  • Digital Boardroom featuring a 5-meter-wide LED video wall and 5 booths.
  • Behavioral Analysis Labs with cutting-edge, fully integrated sensors and software.
  • Smart Production Area with a 3D printer, cobot, and Mixed Reality Area with various VR goggles.
  • 20,000 meters of cable were laid for the smart and interconnected solutions.
Studying and Researching at FH OÖ DigiSpace
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6 Focus Areas

Content Orientation

The center's content orientation revolves around six innovative thematic areas, which are applied to the respective competency areas in the programs:

  • Data-driven Management of Companies (Big Data or AI-supported decision-making in management, machine-based planning and forecasts, new management cockpits and dashboards, enterprise analytics, mobile reporting)
  • Digital Process Design in Companies (Process Mining, Robotic Process Automation - RPA, chatbots, process automation, augmented/mixed/virtual reality, process visualization, digital twin, marketing, and business intelligence)
  • Digital Products and Services (Servitization, data-driven sales processes, customer relationship management innovations, digital sales processes)
  • Digital Business Models (Business model simulation and prototyping, business model typologies and revenue models, business model transformation, organizational transformation as a result of business model innovations, start-up support)
  • Digital Value Creation Networks (Blockchain, smart contracts, web mining, open data, supply chain visualization)
  • The Human in the Digital Work Environment (Digital literacy, technology acceptance, digital stress, ergonomics and usability, change management, agility, virtual collaboration with a focus on interculturality and global leadership, workplace design, media usage and impact, social implications of digitization)

Students will receive a forward-looking education in these and other areas of digitization. These thematic areas serve as a guide for companies in identifying primary competency areas during digital transformation. Education and practical application are based on the research and development activities of the faculty in these areas.

Contact and Further Information on FH OÖ DigiSpace

FH-Prof. Mag. Dr. Klaus Arthofer
Coordinator of FH OÖ DigiSpace

Wehrgrabengasse 1-3, 4400 Steyr, Austria
Email: digitalisierungszentrum@fh-ooe.at