Living in Steyr

Students living in Steyr benefit from a variety of housing options, including student residences, shared flats and rental apartments. The city is not only attractively located and historically interesting, but also offers good connections to local educational institutions. The lively social environment and numerous leisure activities also contribute to the attractiveness of student life in Steyr.

Campus Steyr - direkt am Wasser gelegen
Studying and living at Campus Steyr
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Student Residences

Industrial-chic accommodation close to the Steyr campus

From winter semester 2021, around 90 students will be able to live in style during their studies right next to the University of Applied Sciences. Student life is thus moving into the former weapon wheel factory.

The listed building X at Blumauergasse 26 in Steyr is being revitalized by "Familienwohnbau" in close cooperation with the Federal Monuments Office and the Steyr Old Town Conservation Department and will be used as a student residence in future.

The 87 places are spread over 3 floors in the main wing. Most of the rooms are so-called "duplex units": the single rooms are accessible via a shared anteroom with kitchenette and dining area. The courtyard and the adjoining water wing - idyllically situated on the so-called "Gsangwasser" - are used as common areas.

The student residence impresses with its proximity to the campus of Steyr University of Applied Sciences, modern residential units with industrial chic and an all-inclusive package (rent, operating costs, heating, internet).

GSA Wohnbauträger GmbH, based in Linz, is the developer's representative. GSA coordinates the cooperation between the client, construction company, architect and building authorities.

Further information:


Ms. Sabine Berger / +43 1 403 41 81 DW 15

Ms. Tanja Unterstetter / +43 1 403 41 81 DW 25

Kolping House - 58 modern rooms

On March 17, 23 there will be an opportunity to visit the Kolping House from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. as part of the Open House.

The Kolping House in Steyr offers:

Single room Standard € 395.00 (2 single rooms share the common anteroom and bathroom/WC together approx. 40 m²)

Single room comfort € 410,00 (own bathroom/WC approx. 16m²)

Single room extra € 430,00 (own bathroom/WC 22-30m²)

Double room € 275,00 / person (2 persons in room 24 - 30 m²)

Maisonettes for 2 persons € 325,00 / person

Maisonette as single room € 490,00

The prices are for a minimum stay of 5 months.

For shorter stays, the price increases by € 65.00 per month.

Registrations are made on a first-come, first-served basis - so it's better to register sooner rather than later! Forms can be found at

For further information please contact

Kolping Family Steyr Kolping Residence Steyr
Mittere Gasse 17 - 19
4400 Steyr/Austria
Phone: +43 7252 72733 50
Fax: +43 7252 72733 55

Contact hours: Mon - Fri 9:00 - 11:00 a.m.

Steyr student residence - "More than just a roof over your head"

Since September 2005, Steyr student hall of residence has been offering modern single and double rooms, each with a bathroom and WC, and an anteroom with fridge. In addition, there are numerous leisure facilities, such as a sports field, fitness room, pool table, table tennis, library, etc.

Price (academic year 2022/23)

Price per person in a double room: Euro 400.00 (incl. half-board) - full academic year
Price per person in a single room: Euro 469.00 (incl. half-period) - full academic year
Price per person in a double room: Euro 420.00 (incl. half season) - one semester
Price per person in a single room: Euro 489.00 (incl. half season) - one semester
Price per person in a double room: Euro 273.00 (without meals) - full academic year
Price per person in a single room: Euro 340.00 (without meals) - full academic year
Price per person in a double room: Euro 293.00 (without meals) - one semester
Price per person in a single room: Euro 360.00 (without meals) - one semester
The residence fee is payable 10 times a year (for a whole academic year) or 5 times (for one semester).

Daily rates (after consultation due to availability):
Single room: 30,90 Euro
Double room: 25,50 Euro
3-bed room: 21,80 Euro
4-bed room: 16,50 Euro

Catering: Half board (breakfast buffet, two different lunch menus to choose from incl. soup and salad); lunch can also be consumed in the evening.
Cleaning: Regular cleaning of the entire accommodation unit by our professional room maintenance team.
Leisure facilities: Outdoor hard court for soccer, volleyball or basketball, fitness room with various equipment, table tennis and billiards, communication room with TV and library, HTL gyms (indoor sports every Tuesday from 18:30).
Facilities: Internet access and cable TV connection, shared kitchen and own fridge in the room
Laundry room with washing machine and tumble dryer

For further information please contact

Gemeinnützige soziale Einrichtungen GmbH
Student residence Steyr
Schlüsselhofgasse 63
4400 Steyr/Austria
Phone: +43 7252 73043 DW 12

Contact: https://www.studentenwohnheim-...

Housing market

FH Upper Austria housing market

Click here to go to the FH Upper Austria housing market, where you can advertise or search for apartments free of charge.

Further offers on the web

Information on housing benefit can be found here:

Accommodation for part-time students

You don't live near Steyr and would like to stay overnight in Steyr during the block week or from Friday to Saturday?

There are a variety of options:

Guesthouses and hotels:

Accommodation & Hotel in Steyr & Kalkalpen National Park - Steyr + National Park Region (
STEYR: Pensions, rooms & accommodation from €13 ➔️ (

Special conditions for students are also available at Harry's Home Hotel:

You can also stay at the youth hostel at a reasonable price:

Some full-time students also offer their shared room as accommodation at the weekend.
You can find information about this at:


...for a short stay... the center:

  • (at City Point)

...on the outskirts of the city_

  • (with Day Spa)
  • Youth hostel the surrounding area:

  • In Christkindl:
  • In Dietachdorf:
  • In St. Ulrich:
  • In Sierning:
  • On the Iron Road: