Cooperation opportunities at a glance

The core competence "Management" at the Steyr Campus offers various opportunities for cooperation with companies and organizations. On the one hand, students have to put their acquired knowledge into practice and deliver measurable results for companies in various projects and internships. On the other hand, the Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences has set itself the goal of customized application-oriented research.

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Company projects

Opportunities for cooperation

Company projects are projects that are carried out by students under appropriate supervision as an obligatory part of the curriculum. Depending on the semester, a certain number of hours per week are allocated to these projects. Suggested topics for such projects come from lecturers, students and external interested parties who would like to take advantage of this opportunity to collaborate with the degree programs. Most company projects are carried out in teams.

General conditions

Due to the fixed embedding in the curriculum, the following framework conditions apply to study projects - especially when working with external partners:

  • The content and level of the project work must be in line with the students' current level of education and the educational objectives of the degree program in general.
  • Projects are limited to a duration of one semester. The scope and implementation of the project must be compatible with the given semester schedule.
  • The project topic and the project form must be suitable for teaching purposes.


Goals and motivation

In order to ensure the necessary practical relevance during the course of study, the curricula of all FH Steyr Bachelor's degree programs include a compulsory work placement. This internship takes place in the 6th semester - with the exception of "Global Sales and Marketing" - where it is split into two parts. There are also other regulations for part-time degree courses.

As part of the work placement, students should work on specific tasks and projects in a company in the professional field of the degree course in order to gain experience in a professional environment and to deepen the knowledge acquired during their studies. Integration into the work of the company and the project team, as well as the personal experience gained in the process, are important elements of the internship. In addition, personal interests, inclinations and a profound assessment of the professional field should be developed.

The internship is jointly supervised by an employee of the partner company and the UAS degree program. The internship can be completed either in Germany or abroad. The duration of the internship is 9 to 15 weeks, depending on the degree program.


The internship partners (companies) are expected to be able to meaningfully integrate students into challenging tasks and projects that are relevant to the course of study. The company or department should be able and willing to supervise the students competently, guide them to work independently and evaluate them after completion of the internship.

Master's theses

Opportunities for cooperation

Master's theses (in the 4th semester of the Master's degree courses) deal with practical issues and are often carried out together with companies on the basis of specific tasks. The topic should be relevant to practice, have an innovative character and be aligned with the educational objectives of the degree program. In addition to problem solving, well-founded theoretical work and, for example, an evaluation of the quality of the solution or a critical assessment of various methods must be carried out.

Suggested topics

Topics for Master's theses can either arise from the task of a project or be explicitly proposed by companies. The following points are important:

  • The topic should be relevant to practice and at the same time have an innovative character.
  • The topic should be fundamentally aligned with the educational objectives of the degree program.
  • The company should have an interest and expertise in the topic.
  • It must be possible to complete the Master's thesis within one semester.
  • The Master's thesis must meet academic requirements.

Proposals for Master's theses should ideally be submitted directly to the respective degree program or to the process managers and should include at least the following information:

  1. Information about your company:
    1. Name and address
    2. Contact person
    3. Size of the company or department
  2. Topic (working title)
  3. Brief description (max. 1 page)
  4. Time frame

Proposed topics for Master's theses can be submitted at any time, but must be fixed by mid-November at the latest so that they can be considered in the following summer semester.


In principle, a supervisor responsible for the subject is nominated for each Master's thesis within the UAS degree program. In addition, a person familiar with the topic should be available within the partner company who, together with the UAS supervisor, is responsible for supervising the content of the Master's thesis.


Master's theses often deal with innovative topics that bring new knowledge and economic progress for the partner company. In order to protect the legitimate interests of the companies in such cases, it is possible to place a blocking notice on Master's theses after they have been completed. In this case, third parties can be denied access for a period of up to 5 years.

R&D projects


Research and development projects offer the opportunity to cooperate with the UAS degree programs in a targeted and long-term manner and to utilize existing know-how, resources and funding opportunities. FH OÖ Forschungs & Entwicklungs GmbH delivers research results that are precisely tailored to the needs of the economy and enable rapid implementation in industry and society.

With this offer, we address those companies that have too few human resources or limited financial resources for their own R&D activities. On the other hand, solutions are developed for companies that require support in specialized areas.

The Research Center at the FH Upper Austria Faculty of Management in Steyr specializes in the following research topics:

  • Production and Operations Management
  • Logistikum - the logistics expertise of the FH Upper Austria
  • Digital Business
  • Controlling, accounting and financial management
  • Global Business Management
  • Management Research Center Steyr
  • Support for clinical core processes

Forms of cooperation

The R&D program offers the following opportunities for cooperation:

  • Applied R&D projects with partner companies
  • Scientific research projects
  • International R&D projects
  • Conferences, seminars and workshops
  • Company training, courses

Further information on research & development at the Research Center Steyr


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