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University Buildungs and Facilities

There is plenty of space for studying, researching and socializing in Hagenberg. The campus is growing and growing. There are now three university buildings with well-equipped lecture halls, labs, studios and more.

Heart of the University: FH Building 1 with the Landmark “Ellipse”

Opened in the fall of 1999, the FH1 building quickly became a landmark far beyond Hagenberg's borders thanks to its striking steel and glass architecture.

In particular, its oval, south-facing structure, known by many as the "Ellipse", stands out in the idyllic parkland surrounding Hagenberg Castle. The futuristic-looking "Ellipse" houses two lecture halls (HS1 and HS2), each with 90 seats. Beneath it, goldfish frolic in the university's pond.

FH1 is also home to the student secretariats (the most important contact point for all students) and the marketing/PR office.

To the east of the building is one of the student residences (there is another on the north side of the FH2 building), to the south is Hagenberg Castle with its extensive park and the municipal office.

The University of Applied Sciences is surrounded by numerous IT companies and research institutes, which are located in the Hagenberg Softwarepark.

Gebäude 1 der FH Hagenberg mit dem Wahrzeichen "Ellipse"

FH Building 2: Everything You Need to Study

The FH2 building was built in 2003 and opened in October 2004. Courses, conferences and other events (e.g. the university's own career fair for IT and media FH>>next) take place here.

The modern, five-storey quadrangle has a spacious lecture hall wing with Audimax (239 seats), lecture halls 3 and 4 (120 seats each) and lecture halls 5 and 6 (54 seats each).

This building also houses the large, bright library, the International Office, the FH's own canteen (Campina), the FH Pub and various special laboratories such as the audio studio, the Green Box (TV studio) and the biology laboratory.

In the FH2 courtyard, students can not only enjoy their food "al fresco" in summer, but also celebrate the FH winter festival in winter.

Innenhof des Gebäude 2 der FH Hagenberg.

FH Building 3: The Research Center

The 3,200m² "FH Research Center", the construction of which began in June 2011, has been available to teaching staff, researchers and students since the start of the 2012/2013 academic year.

In addition to additional lecture halls and laboratories for students, it also offers shared, modern facilities for the faculty's research groups and IT services for the first time. The building houses a total of eight seminar rooms, five laboratories, two lecture theaters and 20 R&D (Research & Development) offices.

Außenansicht auf das Gebäude 3 der FH Hagenberg.

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