Numerous events, festivals, lectures and guest lectures etc. take place not only at our faculty - there is also a lot going on culturally just a few minutes away (for example at amsec) as well as in the neighboring town of Pregarten, in nearby Freistadt and in the provincial capital Linz, which is only 20 minutes away.

The Kulturhaus Bruckmühle is located in the neighboring town of Pregarten - a production site for languages in art, theater, literature and education. Freistadt, 19 kilometers away, also offers many events of all kinds. From classical to modern, from brass music to jazz to choral singing, from fistball to tennis championships, trade fairs, seminars, lectures and much more.

The proximity to Linz also offers the opportunity to take advantage of the extensive cultural and leisure activities on offer in the provincial capital. Linz offers a wide range of cultural and leisure activities, including international events such as the ARS Electronica Festival, the Bruckner Festival and the Klangwolke.

Current events at Campus Hagenberg can be found on our event webpage and also on our Facebook page. For information on events at the other locations mentioned, please follow the links below.