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Getting to Hagenberg

The FH Upper Austria Faculty Hagenberg is easy to reach both by car and by public transport. There are various parking facilities on and around the campus.

Address and contact details

FH OÖ Studienbetriebs GmbH
Faculty of Computer Science, Communication and Media
Softwarepark 11
4232 Hagenberg/Austria
Phone: +43 5 0804 20
Fax: +43 5 0804 21599
E-Mail: info@fh-hagenberg.at

Geographical location

Hagenberg is located approximately 20 kilometers northeast of the Upper Austrian capital Linz, specifically at 14° 30' 55.44" east longitude and 48° 22' 08.06" north latitude. Please note: there are several places in Austria with the name "Hagenberg". If you are using a GPS navigation system, please select Hagenberg im Mühlkreis (Upper Austria).


Getting to Hagenberg

By Rail

Hagenberg is located along the Linz-Budweis-Prague railroad line. The nearest train station (distance approx. 4 km) is Pregarten. The journey time from Linz (main station) to Pregarten is approx. 45 min. There is a bus connection between Pregarten and Hagenberg.

ÖBB timetable

By bus

Hagenberg is easily accessible by public bus from Linz, most buses run directly via the highway with correspondingly short travel times. If you are traveling to Linz by train, you can change directly at the main train station (bus station), e.g. to bus line 311 to Hagenberg.

The best way to find out about possible public transport connections to your destination is online via the timetable information of the OÖVV (Upper Austrian Transport Association). The latest timetables are available in the timetable download center on the OÖVV website. On this website you will also find the order forms for semester and annual tickets for students, which can be applied for online.

By plane

The nearest airport is Linz "Blue Danube Airport" (LNZ). Travel to Hagenberg by public transport (shuttle bus to Linz) or cab.

Airport Linz