Many different factors influence a person´s individual choice from a vast variety of schools and study programmes. Often, people go through a complex and difficult decision-making process. However, the quality of the education they receive, the international reputation of their school of choice, and good job prospects are decisive criteria for all applicants.

Top scores in CHE-Ranking

Since 2010 the study programmes of the FH Upper Austria have participated in the yearly CHE-evaluations and have consistently achieved top scores. The university ranking of the Centre for Higher Education (CHE) is the most comprehensive and detailed ranking in the German-speaking area. It evaluates more than 300 Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences. Besides factual criteria concerning studies, teaching, equipment, and research, the ranking includes the assessment of study conditions by students. The results of the CHE-ranking provide a very good overview of all these criteria and are useful for the orientation of applicants by offering transparency in comparison and selection among the diverse offers in higher education available in Austria and Germany.

Top reputation with companies

The FH Upper Austria is known to virtually all companies surveyed (99%) and generally has a very good reputation. These are the results of a Spectra-survey conducted in the summer of 2014 among 200 companies. 94% of the companies acquainted with the FH Upper Austria consider it to be modern and innovative offering a high-quality education. 93% consider the FH Upper Austria study programmes to be in line with current trends and demands. According to 81% of the respondents, the FH Upper Austria is also known for its research activities.

Some general criticism concerning university ranking: Rankings use a large variety of criteria to evaluate the quality of research and teaching as well as the development of the faculty at any given institution. Some rankings offer ranking lists with individual ranking positions and others rank universities in different groups. University rankings can be used as a source of information for high school graduates, students, universities, employers, and other interested parties.