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Education, research and innovation are the main spheres of activity of the future. The FH Upper Austria wants to be an active contributor, especially through its leading role in the IAUP, to the vision of global higher education and the internationalisation of universities. The FH Upper Austria is networked with a large number of partner universities from around the world and actively participates in international cooperation networks.

IAUP (International Association of University Presidents)

The International Association of University Presidents ( is an association of higher education institutions around the world. Personal membership is limited to presidents, rectors and vice-chancellor of state-recognised colleges or universities. IAUP maintains an active exchange between university leaders to promote international cooperation, to support sustainable development of the educational landscape and to promote peace and international understanding through education. IAUP is an NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) with consultative status at the United Nations and UNESCO. The managing director of FH Upper Austria, Dr. Gerald Reisinger, acts as Secretary General of the IAUP.

EUA (European University Association)

The European University Association ( is the largest European association of universities and colleges. Membership of the FH Upper Austria in the EEA serves to exchange information and network with other members through regular participation in events as well as the active participation in the European Higher Education Area. Coordinator of the FH Upper Austria: Andreas Zehetner

EPU Uninet (Eurasia Pacific Uninet)

The Eurasia Pacific Uninet ( is a university network which supports in particular the cooperation of Austrian educational institutions with universities and research institutes in East Asia, Central Asia, South Asia and the Pacific region. The FH Upper Austria uses its membership in this organisation for the targeted establishment of a partner network in Asia and for joint mobility and research collaboration activities. Coordinator of the FH Upper Austria: Andreas Zehetner

CEEMAN (Central and Eastern European Management Association)

CEEMAN ( is an international association of business schools with the aim of improving management training in Central and Central Eastern Europe. The FH Upper Austria benefits from its membership through access to potential partner universities in the important markets for Austria of Central and Eastern Europe through discussion and exchange of best practice examples among the members in the course of seminars and conferences. Coordinator of the FH Upper Austria: Andreas Zehetner

International Network of Experiential Education

The network is coordinated by the Association GFE I Experience Days. Users of the network are currently 28 colleges and universities from Germany, Finland, Luxembourg, Russia and Austria. The aim of the network is essentially the scientific and practical development of experience-oriented forms of learning and experiential learning both in educational fields of work, as well as in management training and therapy. Coordination: FH Upper Austria Linz Campus

EASSW (European Association of Schools of Social Work)

Association of more than 300 training centres in the field of Social Work ( Coordination: FH Upper Austria Linz Campus

SocNet 98 – European Network of Universities /Schools of Social Work

The SocNet 98 (www.socnet is a European university network for the promotion of international exchange in the field of Social Work. The network hosts regular coordination meetings and annually organises the so-called "International University Week" (IUW), at which students and teachers from the partner universities participate. The IUW is organised at the same time by 3-4 partners. Every year the FH Upper Austria sends students and lecturers to IUW and hosted the IUW in April 2015. Coordination: FH Upper Austria Linz Campus

DeGEval - Evaluation Society

DeGEval ( is an association of individuals and institutions that are active in the field of evaluation. It pursues the professionalisation of evaluation, bringing together different perspectives on evaluation as well as information and an exchange of views on evaluation. Board level and issue-specific working groups pursue these objectives through the development of recommendations and guidelines, events and publications. The degree programme Social Work is involved in the working group "Social services".

EAIE (European Association of international Education)

The EAIE ( is the European centre for expertise, networking and resources in the internationalisation of higher education. It is a non-profit, member-led organisation serving individuals actively involved in the internationalisation of their institutions.

The FH Upper Austria is represented by several individual memberships and is actively involved through poster presentation and contributions to sessions. The network of EAIE is also used for maintenance of the existing university partnerships as well as for the targeted acquisition of new partners.

IEEE – the world’s largest professional association for the advancement of technology

IEEE's ( core purpose is to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. Coordination: FH Upper Austria Wels Campus

I.S.L.E. network (Innovation in the teaching of Sustainable Development in Life sciences in Europe)

I.S.L.E. ( is an academic network from Erasmus with members of technical faculties, research institutes and companies from 32 countries: It is dedicated to the theme of "Sustainable Development" in curricula and institutions and to share experience. Coordination: FH Upper Austria Linz Campus


SIETAR Austria ( is a member of the world's most prestigious association that promotes awareness of intercultural issues in research, politics, business and education. The global network of SIETAR consists of more than 30 regional and country groups with a total of more than 3,000 members. Coordination: FH Upper Austria Interculturalism Platform

Austro-American Society

The general objective of the society ( is to promote and deepen the cultural and scientific relations between Austria, the United States of America and other countries of the Anglo-American language area. AAS is a non-partisan and non-profit Austrian association with independent county organisations in Carinthia, Upper Austria, Salzburg, Styria and Tyrol. Coordination for the FH Upper Austria: Andreas Zehetner

Memberships in the field of Research & Development

  • Association of the Upper Austrian Technology Centers
  • Association for the Mechatronics Competence Center LCM
  • K1-Met Metallurgy Competence Centre
  • Automotive Cluster, Plastics Cluster, Mechatronics Cluster, IT Cluster, ...
  • Lightweight Construction Platform
  • Industry 4.0 Platform Upper Austria
  • Association for Nondestructive Testing Austria ÖGfZP

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