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Tasks and Aims of the GDM-K

The specific tasks include to

  • provide the university management as well as staff and students with expert advice in the fields of gender mainstreaming and diversity management
  • establish a network of experts to draw on with regard to anti-discrimination issues, inclusion and all other diversity-related topics
  • generate innovative ideas for a heightened awareness of diversity-related issues and activities along the line of the diversity segments of the HEAD Wheel
  • serve as a point of contact for concerns regarding unequal treatment and to take appropriate action
  • cooperate with other intra- and interorganisational working groups

The aim of the gender and diversity management conference is to ensure that the vision of diversity as a valuable resource within all university-related processes and structures becomes lived reality.

This inter-faculty and interdisciplinary committee composed of twelve members of all four schools seeks to encourage a positive approach to diversity-related topics and helps to incorporate a supportive organisational culture that stands for innovation, added-value and excellence.