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Forms of study & career

At the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, you can study full-time, part-time or dual.

Studying full-time

Full-time study is the classic option. It offers a number of advantages and reasons that make it attractive. In many cases, we also call full-time study "career-enabling" because you can work on the side - at least marginally.

Full-time advantages

    • Focus and intensity: Full-time study allows you to concentrate fully on your academic goals. There is more time for learning, participating in courses and deepening knowledge in the respective subject area.
    • In the thick of it instead of just being there: you can take part in FH events, clubs, sports activities and other social activities that enrich your study experience and help you make new friends.
    • In-depth specialist knowledge and network building: You will probably never be able to get to grips with a subject area and acquire in-depth knowledge as intensively as with full-time study. Close relationships can be built up with professors, fellow students and experts in the respective field, which can be an advantage for future career opportunities.
    • Good to know! There are scholarships and support programs for full-time students that help to reduce the financial burden. It is also possible to work a limited number of hours alongside your studies - depending on the course, semester and your own requirements.

Studying part-time

If you want to combine studying and working, are already in employment or are unable to study full-time for family, financial or other reasons, you should opt for a part-time program.

Studying dual

In a dual study program, theoretical and practical blocks interlock seamlessly: you do the theory at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria and the practice in the company. This gives you the opportunity to deepen your practical knowledge in the company and thus grow into your future position during your studies.