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Would you like to combine studying and working because you may already be in employment or full-time study is out of the question for family, financial or other reasons? Then you should opt for a part-time or dual course of study.

Balancing work and study requires organization, efficiency and perseverance. Around a third of all students at FH Upper Austria are enrolled on a part-time degree program.

Part-time degree programs at FH Upper Austria are easily compatible with employment. Studying and working run in parallel. We help you to manage this by organizing the relevant courses in a special and tried and tested way. Courses are usually held on Friday afternoons, evenings and Saturdays and are occasionally supplemented by block courses. E-learning tools support you with flexible learning from home. Distance learning is also used intensively in some degree programs.

Employment is not a mandatory requirement for admission to a part-time degree course. The duration of a part-time degree course at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria is no longer than that of a full-time degree course. However, the semesters usually start a little earlier and end a little later. This means that you can usually complete your studies just as quickly as full-time students.

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