Working in Austria

Working in Austria

Gainful Employment on Contract Basis

Students from EU countries can pursue gainful employment in Austria without a work permit. Exception: Citizens of Croatia will need a work permit until the year 2020 (see below).

Students from non-EU countries who are in Austria on a student visa need a work permit to start gainful employment. This is tied to a number of preconditions:

  • Max. 10 hours/week (undergraduates) /20 hours/week (graduate students) without labour market test
  • Exceeding those limits only subject to labour market test
  • Work permit must be obtained from AMS (Public Employment Service Austria) through employer prior to employment
  • For further information please refer to the following websites OeAD and AMS

Exceptions from Employment of Foreign Nationals Act not requiring Work Permit

  • Activities within the framework of exchange or research programmes of the EU
  • Activities in scientific teaching or research

Special arrangements for voluntary work/internships

  • Internship: for projects/internships required in the curriculum no work permit is needed, a confirmation of notification is sufficient
  • Voluntary work: up to 3 months per calendar year without obligation to work and remuneration, a confirmation of notification is sufficient
  • Confirmation of notification sent to AMS (Public Employment Service Austria) by employer at least 2 weeks prior to start of occupation, costs app. € 20

Students from non-EU countries in Austria on Visa D

  • The legitimacy of any type of employment (e.g. voluntary work, internship) must be applied for and noted on the visa by the authorities

Residence Permit Special Cases of Paid Employment

  • For employment not subject to the Employment for Foreign Nationals Act (teaching and research activities) instead of residence permit B for students without admission to university

Red-White-Red Card „Graduate“

  • For graduates of a master´s programme (or a diploma programme after the first diploma exam)
  • Prospective occupation matches education/training
  • Gross monthly salary at least 45% of maximum pensionable earnings according to §108 Abs. 3 ASVG (section 108, paragraph 3, General Social Insurance Act), plus special payments.
  • Employer declaration according to Employment of Foreign Nationals Act (AuslBG)
  • Application prior to expiration of residence permit/confirmation of search for employment at Immigration, Citizenship and Registry Offices
  • Temporary residence permit may be granted for up to 6 months for the purpose of finding employment (not the same as permanent residence permit!) as long as there is proof of financial means, health insurance and accommodation

Legal Basis

Contact AMS

AMS OÖ Ausländerinnenfachzentrum, Tel: +43/732/6963-0, E-Mail: