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With more than 70 top-ranked degree programs and four campuses, the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria offers more than just a range of choices. You study with an emphasis on practice. And – if you are interested in a wider world and immersing yourself in diverse cultures – you can also study internationally. Because we foster partnerships with universities and colleges around the world. Our extensive connections and close cooperation with industries and businesses ensure you have access to valuable real-world insights, stimulating projects, and promising career prospects.

So take the first step and learn more about the FH Upper Austria.

Application Process

Fixed length of studies and individual tutoring

Our degree-seeking students follow a strict curriculum all the way to their bachelor’s or master’s theses and oral exams. Attendance is mandatory. We encourage students to invest their time in self-studying and project work. If you perform well academically, you will receive your bachelor’s degree in 6 semesters and your master’s degree in 4 semesters.

English-taught programs in an international environment

With more than 10 international degree programs, 18 double-degree and one triple-degree programs, we currently teach over 300 courses in English. We are adding more options to meet the needs of our growing community of international students. Currently we have a share of 15% international students at our four locations.

Low tuition fees

Students from EU-member states and EEA countries pay EUR 363.36 per semester, plus the contribution to the Austrian Student Union (appr. EUR 20). Students from non-EU/EEA countries pay EUR 726.72 per semester, plus the contribution to the Austrian Student Union.

Internships and close connections to companies

We work closely with businesses, leading experts, CEOs, entrepreneurs and established researchers. Students benefit in various ways. In talks and guest lectures, they learn about different sectors, leadership, current and future challenges. And they enjoy project and internship opportunities, allowing them to put theory into practice. 

Merit-based grants

The degree programs of the University of Applied Sciences in Upper Austria award merit-based grants. The call for applications from students who excel in their chosen field opens in the summer semester. Grants cover half of the tuition fees for students from non-EU/EEA states.

The latest research findings flow directly into teaching

FH Upper Austria is the country’s largest and most research-driven university of applied sciences, generating a new revenue record of 22.04 million euros in 2022. Our extensive research continuously produces new insights. We integrate the latest research results directly into teaching our students.

Network without borders

FH Upper Austria fosters collaboration in a network with more than 250 partner universities across 67 countries. With the support of this globe-spanning network, we pave the way for students interested in a semester, internship, or research period abroad. The most popular destinations abroad: USA, Sweden, Netherlands, Finland, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Spain, Japan, Thailand, Canada and Australia.

Modern infrastructure and labs

Students benefit from trained staff, personalized attention and state-of-the-art labs and facilities. A university service center helps alumni interested in founding their own company with advice and practical support.

On-campus career fairs

Our students and alumni are popular and enjoy excellent job prospects. Companies value our graduates for their communication, teamwork, project management skills and professional qualifications. In a recent survey, 80% of companies favored degree programs at applied science universities, because they are more in line with workplace reality.

Talent factory University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria
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