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Housing & Cost of Living

Housing is available close to the campus in all four cities. The costs for accommodation vary according to the city in which the school is located.
Please note: City of residence influences which public authority in Austria will be responsible for your residence permit. Some cities may have longer processing times.

Students arrange their own accommodation. Several housing options in proximity such as dorms or shared apartments. Average rent in dorms starts at € 300 per month excl. meals etc.

Of course, the cost of living depends also very much on your personal life style. In average, you must calculate appr. EUR 600 - EUR 850 per month.

For example:

Acommodation incl. heating & electricity EUR 350 -500
Food EUR 220
Public Transport EUR 20
Study & personal requirements EUR 70
Health insurance ca. EUR 65

Accommodation in Hagenberg

Student housing is available nearby, ranging from on-campus halls of residence to private on-campus as well as off-campus accommodation.

More information about the student halls of residence can be found on the respective websites listed below.

There are also private rooms and apartments available for rent in Hagenberg and the surrounding area. For further details you can contact the municipality:

Studentische Wohnheime in Hagenberg von außen

Accommodation in Linz

Student Residences

Dr. Karl Grünner Haus
Kaisergasse 33, 4020 Linz
Email: clever-wohnen (at) ooe-heimbauverein.at
Tel: +43 690 8012894
Web: www.ooe-heimbauverein.at

Studentenheim Garnisonstraße

Garnisonstraße 15, 4020 Linz
Email: office (at) wistooe.at
Tel: +43 732 25 15 33 -30
Web: wistooe.at/haus-bruno/

Studentenheim Europahaus

Ziegeleistraße 19, 4020 Linz
Email: clever-wohnen (at) ooe-heimbauverein.at
Tel: +43 690 8012893
Web: www.ooe-heimbauverein.at

Dr.–Ernst–Koref–Heim Linz

Prunerstraße 3a, 4020 Linz
Email: office (at) wistooe.at
Tel: +43 732 25 15 33 -30
Web: wistooe.at/haus-ernst/

Studentenheim Kaisergasse

Kaisergasse 31, 4020 Linz
Email: office (at) wistooe.at
Tel: +43 732 25 15 33 -30
Web: wistooe.at/haus-johanna

Das Lentos wird bei Nacht in Lila Farben beleuchtet und von der anderen Uferseite der Donau aus gezeigt

Accommodation in Steyr

Student Residences

Industrial-chic accommodation close to the Steyr campus

From winter semester 2021, around 90 students will be able to live in style during their studies right next to the University of Applied Sciences. Student life is thus moving into the former weapon wheel factory.

The listed building X at Blumauergasse 26 in Steyr is being revitalized by "Familienwohnbau" in close cooperation with the Federal Monuments Office and the Steyr Old Town Conservation Department and will be used as a student residence in future.

The 87 places are spread over 3 floors in the main wing. Most of the rooms are so-called "duplex units": the single rooms are accessible via a shared anteroom with kitchenette and dining area. The courtyard and the adjoining water wing - idyllically situated on the so-called "Gsangwasser" - are used as common areas.

The student residence impresses with its proximity to the campus of Steyr University of Applied Sciences, modern residential units with industrial chic and an all-inclusive package (rent, operating costs, heating, internet).

GSA Wohnbauträger GmbH, based in Linz, is the developer's representative. GSA coordinates the cooperation between the client, construction company, architect and building authorities.

Further information: https://www.familienwohnbau.at...

Contact: Ms. Sabine Berger / +43 1 403 41 81 DW 15, Ms. Tanja Unterstetter / +43 1 403 41 81 DW 25

Kolping House - 58 modern rooms

On March 17, 23 there will be an opportunity to visit the Kolping House from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. as part of the Open House.

The Kolping House in Steyr offers:

Single room Standard € 395.00 (2 single rooms share the common anteroom and bathroom/WC together approx. 40 m²)

Single room comfort € 410,00 (own bathroom/WC approx. 16m²)

Single room extra € 430,00 (own bathroom/WC 22-30m²)

Double room € 275,00 / person (2 persons in room 24 - 30 m²)

Maisonettes for 2 persons € 325,00 / person

Maisonette as single room € 490,00

The prices are for a minimum stay of 5 months.

For shorter stays, the price increases by € 65.00 per month.

Registrations are made on a first-come, first-served basis - so it's better to register sooner rather than later! Forms can be found at www.kolpingheim-steyr.at

For further information please contact

Kolping Family Steyr Kolping Residence Steyr
Mittere Gasse 17 - 19
4400 Steyr/Austria
Phone: +43 7252 72733 50
Fax: +43 7252 72733 55

E-Mail: office@kolpingheim-steyr.at
Contact hours: Mon - Fri 9:00 - 11:00 a.m.

Accommodation in Wels

Kolpinghaus Wels
Kolpingstr. 20
4600 Wels
Tel. +43 7242 46554 0
E-Mail: office@kolpingwels.at
Web: www.kolpingwels.at

Georg Oberhaidinger Haus
Wohnheim für Studierende in Wels
Obermüllnerstraße 11
4600 Wels
Tel: +43 690 8012894 / +43 690 8012893
E-Mail: verwaltung@ooe-heimbauverein.at
Web: http://www.ooe-heimbauverein.a...

Das Kolpingheim in Wels von außen.