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Application Process

How to enroll?

1. Learn about us

Picking your perfect degree program means going on an fact-finding mission. Browse our websites and social media. Talk to profs, student ambassadors and alumni and check, if you meet the admission requirements to study with us.

2. Just apply online

You can apply for up to two degree programs. Tell us which program you prioritize – we want to accommodate your preference if we can. For online applications, we are happy with the scans of the documents we need. International candidates provide notarized documents in either German or English after acceptance.


Online application for EU and non-EU citiziens is possible until semester start (with exceptions) on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to availability. A study place cannot be guaranteed for late applications.

For applicants from Non-EU countries, we have made adaptations in our online application platform. To check formally required documents, we are using the services of Uni Assist.

3. Meet us (December – June)

Interviews (online or in person) are part of our admission process. They are an opportunity to share your motivation, your vision, and why you think we would be a good fit. Some programs include a quick test or looking at your portfolio together. We will let you know early on to give you ample time to prepare.

4. We keep you posted (January – August)

We keep you updated throughout the application process. We share more in-depth details about your application during the interview with you.

5. Welcome in late September

The start of your studies will be exciting and eventful. Degree programs organize their own introductory sessions. There will be welcome events, get-togethers, an immersive orientation on campus life, and lots of new people.