Why study at Wels Campus?

There are many reasons to study at the FH Upper Austria, School of Engineering at Wels Campus.

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A university of applied sciences is the sum of its degree programs, its research, its rankings - but also of the people who study, teach, research and make operations possible here. The FH Upper Austria School of Engineering in Wels has enjoyed an excellent reputation for many years and is one of the best in many areas. We are proud of this!

Studying sustainability

Sustainability is a top priority at Wels Campus and is taught in all degree courses. With a practice-oriented degree program in Wels, you can acquire the necessary tools to develop new solutions and products that not only bring economic success, but also always have one thing in mind: Our common future.

At the FH Upper Austria in Wels, more than 1,900 students are currently studying one of the 32 practice-oriented degree programs. Almost 200 companies are organized in the FH Wels Support Association, offer student projects and internships and are waiting for the sought-after graduates with well-paid jobs. The Linz-Wels-Steyr economic region is the strongest region in Austria. The innovations of tomorrow are created in the heads of our graduates!

Hand-on Education

The degree programs are also characterized by numerous research projects and intensive practical training. Cooperation between companies / institutions and the School of Engineering degree programs is possible at various levels: student projects (interdisciplinary projects), internships, diploma or master's theses and research projects.

The internships, which are a compulsory part of every degree program at the School of Engineering, offer an initial successful introduction to the world of work. This is usually followed by specific, well-paid job offers. Many Master's degree programs are organized in a work-integrated way, so that students can already work in R&D departments and write their Master's thesis.


Attation is paid on diversity at the School of Engineering. 8 international degree programs with 450 regular international students and around 200 exchange students make "internationalization@home" possible.

Attracting talented students from abroad to Wels is one of the cornerstones of the strategy. When selecting applicants, attention is paid to the mix - the approximately 450 international students (including German students) at Wels Campus come from around 65 countries!

The second pillar of the internationalization strategy in Wels concerns Austrian students who go abroad for a semester. Students can choose from around 100 technical partner universities, the semester is credited to them, and service and scholarship advice are provided free of charge. The so-called double degree program is also becoming increasingly popular: this enables students to complete two degrees at two universities.

Vibrant Campus

Even if learning is the real goal of being a student. A bit of sports, fun and distraction are also a must. Whether it's sport, culture or testing your drinking strength - there's no shortage of leisure activities on Wels campus.

Our own FH sports club provides the famous healthy body as the basis for a healthy mind. There are also beautiful cycle paths directly on the River Traun, a running trail with exercise stations and plenty of lakes nearby. If you don't want to work out, but rather relax, the recreation room is the place to be. There's a pool table, table soccer and games box plus lots of comfy sofas - an offer that is gratefully accepted. In good weather, the lawn in the courtyard of Wels Campus is a great place to relax.

In addition, a bar is set up in the courtyard at regular intervals and drinks are served, and there are two large festivals on campus, the summer festival and Oktoberfest, with lots of games and opportunities to win prizes, "which are usually pretty fun and well attended," say the students.

Excellent networking, outstanding job prospects and top rankings

The degree programs regularly occupy top positions in the international CHE rankings. The demand for graduates is high. Every year, the Wels UAS career fair is fully booked with 150 companies. 96% recommend their studies to others and 77% are above-averagely satisfied (source: trendence Graduate Barometer). National and international UAS rankings also confirm the high quality of Wels' degree programs, which always occupy the top positions (UAS Ranking Industriemagazin, CHE Ranking).

Strong in research

The University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria is the strongest research university of applied sciences in Austria. The School of Engineering in Wels is responsible for the lion's share of the research turnover with more than 175 academic staff in 6 main research areas.

The research results are presented at numerous specialist conferences and published in international journals. Numerous patents have also been registered. The research results also flow directly back into teaching. This ensures that teaching remains lively and at a high level.

Many of the academic staff at the Wels campus are former Wels School of Engineering students. They conduct research on interesting projects and also have the opportunity to complete a dissertation in cooperation with a partner university.

The best support

We provide students with the best possible support: modern infrastructure, personal support in small groups and competent teams in the libraries, international offices and degree program administation offices. The University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria particularly encourages graduates to set up companies, and a service center is on hand to provide advice and support.

Students at the School of Engineering in Wels do not have long waiting lists. The study organization enables students to complete all prescribed courses and examinations within the planned duration of study. Exercises and seminars in small groups guarantee optimal supervision. Electives and optional subjects promote individual interests.

Modern, well-equipped university

Wels campus is constantly working on redesigning various "feel-good" areas for students on campus: The inner courtyard has been greened and redesigned, the StudyLounge and StudyJungle (work and study areas for students) have been opened, a chill-out area has been built on the roof terrace, the canteen has been expanded and the new laboratory building has been extended. This makes researching, studying and chilling out together fun!

Broad range of programs

The School of Engineering offers a wide range of courses: 16 Bachelor's degree programs and 15 Master's degree programs in the fields of Environment & Food, Sustainable Technology & Materials, Clean Energy & Sustainable Building and Sustainable Innovation, Design & Business. There is a special focus on sustainability in all fields of study.

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Start-up spirit

The University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria has its own Transfer Center for Business Creation. Numerous successful start-ups have already been supported.

The Transfer Center for Entrepreneurship at the Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences has existed at the four locations Wels, Hagenberg, Linz and Steyr since 2007. There are several examples of successful start-ups, but one name certainly stands out: Runtastic. The company, which was bought by adidas last year for 220 million euros, was supported in its development by the transfer center. But other promising start-ups such as tractive, bistrobox, Coil Innovation, NEURA Wärmepumpe, HATTsolution and IBS Smarthome also benefited from the know-how of the start-up supporters.

The Transfer Center for Business Creation at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria sees itself as a preliminary stage and partner to all other support institutions. Innovative ideas should be identified at a very early stage of the business start-up and brought to market maturity.

ABET Accreditation

The Bachelor's degree program in "Innovation Product and Engineering Management" was the first 6-semester Bachelor's degree program worldwide to receive international ABET accreditation in the field of "Engineering".

The renowned ABET accreditation is the only globally active quality assurance system for technical university degree programs. This confirms the high, standardized quality of the course content, the professors, the practical relevance and the graduates.