Students with Disabilities, Physical Impairments or Chronic Illnesses

The University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria welcomes all students with disabilities, chronic illnesses, and mental health issues. We put support systems in place to assist those in need, and we strive to foster a learning environment where each student can reach their full potential.

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Who can get support?

We offer support for a wide range of disabilities:

  • Physical disabilities (E.g., restricted mobility, sensory impairments)
  • Chronic illnesses (E.g., asthma)
  • Partial performance weaknesses (E.g., dyslexia, ADHD, dyspraxia)
  • Mental illnesses (E.g., depression, anxiety)

We encourage students to contact the relevant people ahead of time, to make sure accommodations can be put in place promptly. We think it is important to give people with disabilities a chance to talk openly about the issues they’re facing and receive the help they need.

Who can you speak to?

The first point of contact for questions about the admission procedure and the course of study is the head of your degree programme. You can contact them about special requirements for taking exams, questions about coordinating timetables, and other issues related to your studies.

If you do not feel comfortable contacting the head of your degree programme directly, the members of the Gender and Diversity Management Conference (GDM-C) are available for questions and confidential discussions.

The first point of contact for questions about the admissions procedure and the study programme (e.g. special requirements for taking examinations, questions about coordinating timetables) is the respective degree programme or the head of degree programme. A form is available for applying for compensation for disadvantages in the form of different examination methods, but it is also possible to contact professors or programme directors directly.

Need Some Help?

Other ways to access help can be found in the Need Some Help brochure. It contains information and, above all, contact information for people that can offer support when you are facing personal challenges and crises.


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