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Mission statement

Vision 2030

By 2030, we will create a new profile by focusing on science-led and application-oriented teaching and studies as well as research, with the aim of repositioning ourselves as a sectoral university and taking the lead in selected areas. We set standards for a modern higher education system, break new ground in the areas of higher education performance in studies and teaching, research and development, lifelong learning, quality, diversity, digitalization and internationalization and thus provide impetus for educational, working and living environments.

The schools

have gained national and international recognition for their expertise in the specialist disciplines and are actively sought after by our stakeholders. Our university has reached a total of 8,000 students with its regular degree programs and other educational offerings in the area of further and higher qualifications.

We are regionally anchored, nationally and globally well networked and have numerous partnerships at the level of business/industry, in the social and health sectors and with public administration. In addition, we are known regionally and internationally and have numerous partnerships and collaborations with higher education institutions in all sectors as well as selected, strategically important stakeholders. We use our international activities to promote the state of Upper Austria as an attractive place to study and work and to provide skilled professionals for the economy.

Our university has structured its educational offerings and formats/products according to specific topics - fields of expertise are defined at each faculty and across faculties, so that on the one hand an agile organizational structure is established that is adapted to changes and on the other hand there is agility with regard to new requirements/topics. We offer innovative teaching and learning formats as well as flexible blended learning options and have built up internal expertise and corresponding resources in order to offer and continuously develop didactically meaningful study, teaching and learner-centered concepts.

Our graduates have the potential to think ahead and have the skills to continuously develop in their professional fields, help shape change and work on a wide range of issues in business and science. They are characterized by professional expertise and personal qualifications and, as our ambassadors, form a strong network in business and society.

We perceive digitalization as a continuous process of change in technological, technical and social terms and develop and implement concepts for the acquisition, processing and determination of knowledge, including data management. We have established modern and innovative media and digital systems that provide partially or fully automated support for teaching, learning and working and enable efficient and effective service provision, connectivity, collaboration and knowledge sharing in a variety of forms.
and knowledge exchange in a wide variety of forms.

In the area of research, the Centers of Excellence are being established and expanded with a focus on technical, technological, economic, ecological and social aspects with the aim of creation, co-design and problem-solving.Our university is valued by scientists as an attractive employer due to its sustainable structures and special financing/funding opportunities, as well as by business/industry and society as a high-performance and innovative contractor. Inter-, trans- and multidisciplinary cooperation between internal and external research groups and university institutions as well as non-university stakeholders form a strong and sustainable network for young academics. The corresponding structured doctoral programs are carried out via the established doctoral college as "double reviewed" dissertations.

The personnel development concept of our university is based on an expertise-oriented approach from university/trend research as well as a well-established and elaborated quality management system. Our university is attractive to experts with a high-quality academic background and several years of professional experience in order to achieve appropriate visibility and recognition both in teaching and learning as well as in research and development.To this end, there are structured career models that are provided with specific criteria and enable different specialist and management careers across the entire university. In addition, our university has implemented a structured generation management system to prevent brain drain, loss of expertise and thus organizational knowledge.

We have a pronounced transfer competence and a well-established transfer center for business start-ups, which is distinguished by its range of teaching and learning methods in the field of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is pursued as a holistic approach in all areas of the university and spaces and opportunities for creation and interaction are created. At the same time, our university has its own transfer center and a special program for social outreach activities, which aims to generate a broad transfer of knowledge to society and the university environment in addition to scientific and professional knowledge generation.

We have strong university research expertise thanks to a well-established and institutionally anchored Centre for University Research and Development, which conducts systematic and evidence-based organizational development and also makes scientific contributions to international university research. Holistic quality development, diversity management and activities for sustainable development expand the spectrum of research-led university development, whereby all of the aforementioned service areas also contribute to profile development as "seismographs", advisory and coordinating bodies, recognize the need for change, design measures and accompany their implementation.

Mission 2030

Our actions re characterized by mutual respect and appreciation. We focus on plurality, participation and inclusion. We respect freedom of expression, academic freedom, independence and autonomy. We think critically and act responsibly and sustainably in relation to the university and its environment. We strive to use our knowledge in a high-quality, targeted and courageous manner to shape and continuously improve educational, working and living environments. Diversity orientation, family friendliness and an entrepreneurial spirit are key elements of our university culture.

We combine... high-quality university performance with the disciplines of the four faculties, the research and development areas and the educational programs and focus on application orientation, problem solving and innovation. Networking, communication, inter- and transdisciplinarity and responsibility are the core elements of teaching, learning, research and work.

We focus on...
learners and their needs and offer the framework conditions that enable teaching, learning and research to succeed with joy and curiosity. We see ourselves as a learner-centered university that addresses people with different educational biographies and in different phases of life as students and employees and promotes and supports them with suitable, flexible educational opportunities.

We ensure... close cooperation with the economy/professional fields, other universities as well as politics and society. We offer graduates sound, future-oriented professional and career prospects by providing them with comprehensive professional and personal qualifications. Our research and development offers sustainable and innovative solutions in technical, technological, economic, ecological and social terms through our competence portfolio.

We actively shape... society in line with its needs for change and assume a responsible role as a regionally anchored and internationally networked university. We offer a sustainable network, which we support in the ongoing transformation towards a knowledge society through knowledge transfer based on education, research, internationalization and outreach activities.