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For applicants from Non-EU countries, we have made adaptations in our online application platform. To check formally required documents, we are using the services of Uni Assist*, a widely used system in Germany. You will be re-routed to this system during the application process.

How to apply online via Uni Assist

1. Start your application at FH Upper Austria: https://application.fh-ooe.at/

2. When indicating the country of issue for your school leaving certificate, especially if it is a Non-EU citizenship, you will be prompted to visit the Uni-Assist* website and submit your application there as well. At that point you can stop your application and save all the already uploaded information.

3. Apply at Uni-Assist* on: https://my.uni-assist.de/. You will find our university under the German name “FH Oberösterreich” – choose your study degree program and upload the required documents. For Uni Assist* services, you have to pay a single fee of appr. 80 EUR. Now you have to wait for two to three weeks to receive the preliminary review document VPD**.

4. Now you can easily complete your application at our application portal. Just go to: https://application.fh-ooe.at/ and log in with your data. Finish the application, upload the required documents and the VPD** you received from Uni-Assist* and submit the application.

5. You should receive a confirmation via email that the application was successful.

This procedure ensures a transparent, straightforward and facilitated document check, with less bureaucratic hurdles and fewer authentication requirements. This should help you to get a safe access to studies at our university. On our side, application remains completely free and with your VPD** document, you can apply at any of our study programs.

If you have an application number from Uni Assist* and did not yet apply with us, please do so, and let us know. We then might proceed your application faster. If you need help, you can connect via our chatroom https://international.chat.fh-... which is open every day or use WhatsApp to get your questions answered.

*Uni Assist: Its core responsibility is the evaluation of international school and university certificates and determining their equivalence to German educational standards. Services also include processing individual entry requirements of the target universities.

** VPD is a certificate issued by Uni-Assist which you submit directly to the university when you apply there. The VPD contains information on which educational certificates you presented to Uni-Assist, which kind of university entrance is possible with these certificates, and how Uni-Assist rates your grade within the German system of grades.

FH Uni Assist Manual

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