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Admission Requirements

To apply at the FH Upper Austria, you need...

Austrian equivalents of your certifications

It can be confusing to determine the Austrian equivalent of your school or university certificate. We have to look at each case and country of origin individually. But Austria has solutions in place to help make this process faster and easier for you. There are bilateral agreements with some countries and official conversion tables for others. And we have agreements with universities worldwide about approved course content and syllabi.

→ The anabin database offers info in German for matching international certifications to domestic equivalents.

→ As a general rule, you will need an advanced-level (UK), high-school certificate (US), or equivalent to enrol in one of our bachelor’s degree programs.

→ Master’s degree programs are open to graduates who have successfully completed a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 180 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation) in a relevant or closely related field of study.

Language Skills & Certificates