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A partnership that pays off

The shortage of skilled workers and demographic change are making it increasingly difficult for companies to find employees. The Alumni Club offers you numerous opportunities to attract the attention of skilled workers, contact them and get them interested in what you have to offer.

1. Selective Cooperation

The opportunity to present your company and your know-how

We are open to all ideas, but please note that we only offer formats that are of interest to all members - regardless of their professional field. If you would like to organize a subject-specific format, we will be happy to put you in touch with the relevant faculty.

Lectures and workshops Company tours
Lectures and workshops on professionally and socially relevant topics are usually well attended. You can hold these on your own premises or, after consultation with us, at a campus of the Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences. You can submit your proposal using the form below: Would you like to present your company to our members? We will support you in organizing a company tour! This will give you the opportunity to present yourself as an employer and network directly with our graduates.

2. Strategic Partnership

If you are interested in a closer, long-term cooperation.

Acquire a company profile

Would you like to get more attention from students and alumni of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria or approach them directly? This is how it works:
Watch the Career Zone teaser video!

In the FH Upper Austria Career Zone, you have the opportunity to present your company comprehensively to potential applicants. The small company profile is suitable for all companies that want to ensure that their job advertisements are always displayed to graduates as a priority. The large profile is suitable for all companies that want to actively get in touch with graduates of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria.