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Approximately 450 international students from all over the world are enrolled in one of our Bachelor's- or Master's degree programs, bringing international flair to Wels campus. Four Bachelor's- and four Master's degree programs are offered entirely in English. A detailed description of these degree programs can be found here. Additionally, further international degree programs are currently being planned. Many lectures and practice-oriented sessions are taught in English in all degree programs as well; the total range offered comprises 300 courses.

Reasons to Study in Upper Austria?

  • Trendsetting policies for technology; technology centres
  • Strong and competitive industries
  • Economic, social and political stability
  • High quality of life
  • Low crime rate

We hope to have sparked your interest in studying at our university!

Thinking about studying Engineering but not quite sure which way to go?

Find some inspiration here amongst our student testimonials.

Automotive Mechatronics & Management

Master's degree program

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Grant Pringle MSc

Automotive Mechatronics and Management Master’s degree graduate

I finished my Mechanical Engineering bachelor’s degree in South Africa, during which I completed a six-month working contract in Austria. This planted the seed of relocating to Austria to further my education and pursue a career in the European Automotive industry.

I had my sights set on working for KTM, which happens to be a partner company of the AMM programme. After successfully graduating, I began working for KTM, where I’ve been happily employed as an Application engineer for the last 3 years.

The last years have been really interesting for me, and have helped me grow to the person I am today. From working in multiple companies during the study programme to settling in KTM, I've had the opportunity to meet so many people and make new friends along the way.

Life is simple in Austria, the country is beautiful and there are ample opportunities for you to get a good job and make a good life for yourself here if you put in the effort.

Amr Mousa MSc

Automotive Mechatronics and Management Master’s degree graduate

Having completed my bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering in Egypt, I took considerable time to reflect on the right European MSc programme for me. The AMM programme emerged as the perfect choice, not only aligning seamlessly with my career goals but also offering distinctive features. Its integration with top-tier industry companies was a standout characteristic, offering invaluable opportunities for practical experience and exceptional networking possibilities. The emphasis on real-world projects within the programme was another significant aspect that appealed to me, as it went beyond traditional theoretical education. This approach enabled me to apply my theoretical knowledge to practical settings, honing my problem-solving abilities and sharpening my overall skills, making the AMM programme the ideal springboard for my professional development.

Since graduation, I have been employed at AVL as an AI Research and Development Engineer. In this role, my primary responsibility has been to advance AI-based control systems technology for broader applications in the automotive industry. I was recently promoted to the role of Senior Researcher and Project Lead. This new position provides me with a broader view of project management, team leadership, and stakeholder communication. I've gained invaluable experience navigating the intricacies of industrial collaborations, striking a balance between technical requirements and business objectives.

Your time in this programme can be transformative, make the most of it as you embark on your own journey! The captivating landscapes and modern dynamism of Austria provide a unique and inspiring backdrop for your studies. Take this opportunity to absorb as much experience as possible. Engage actively, this hands-on approach will complement your theoretical learning and give you a well-rounded understanding of the automotive industry.

Electrical Engineering

Bachelor's and Master's degree programme

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Neha Ghanbahadur BSc MSc

Electrical Engineering Bachelor's and Master’s degree graduate

FH Wels, an institution that has truly set the gold standard for engineering education. The emphasis on practical-based learning and hands-on experience has not only honed my skills but has shaped me into an independent and highly competent engineer. Unlike many other programs, there's no need for additional training upon graduation – FH Wels prepares its students for the real-world challenges right from the start. The well-equipped labs are a testament to the commitment of providing a comprehensive education. The state-of-the-art facilities not only enhance the learning experience but also bridge the gap between theory and application seamlessly.

The professors at FH Wels are not just knowledgeable but bring a wealth of experience to the table. Their guidance has been invaluable, and the program administrators have been incredibly helpful in navigating the academic journey. One standout aspect is the focus on international students, exemplified by the best seminars training us for cross-cultural differences in the workplace. This forward-thinking approach not only enriches our learning but also prepares us for the global landscape of engineering. In essence, FH Wels goes beyond traditional education – it crafts professionals who are ready to excel from day one. My journey here has been transformative, and I am proud to be a graduate of an institution that prioritizes excellence at every step.

Sako Wanesian BSc MSc

Electrical Engineering Bachelor's and Master's degree graduate

I came to Austria as a refugee from Syria. After I got my refugee status in 2014, I did some German courses, and then in 2015 I heard about the Electrical Engineering programme. I decided to apply and luckily got accepted. I finished my Bachelor's degree in 2018 and my Master's degree, also in Electrical Engineering, in 2021. During studying, I was able to do two internships at the company Fronius International. After graduation I am working at the same company as a technical support engineer. In addition to that, I have been invited to take over an Electrical Engineering laboratory class as a lecturer at the School of Engineering in Wels.
All in all I have to say life is good in Austria, I like almost everything about Austria. The biggest challenge was and still is to write a 100% grammatically correct email in German. :)

Sebastián Gómez BSc MSc

Electrical Engineering Bachelor's and Master's degree graduate

Before I came to Austria, I didn't really know much about the country and its culture. However, the opportunity to pursue my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in the international programme of Electrical Engineering in Upper Austria taught me that it was a great decision to have come here to study and made me want to stay.
The high accessibility to further education in Austria, top-quality campus facilities, excellent professors and international colleagues made my experience much more fulfilling. So much so that I decided to stay as a research associate, and I am currently working on a collaborative research project with the university reserach center and partners like Miba AG and AIT.

Furthermore, I am proud to share that I was honored with the Prof. Werner Rieder Prize for my Master's thesis from the ÖVE (Austrian Electric Association), which centered on the switch technology research.

I can confidently say that moving to Austria was the best decision I have made so far. I am truly happy with my achievements, my quality of life, and I am eagerly looking forward to the winters for some snowboarding! :)

Innovation and Product Management

Master's degree programme

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Patricio Cantú Sánchez MSc

Innovation and Product Management Master's degree graduate

I decided to stay in Austria because during my studies, I was able to get to know the culture, how funny Austrians can be and found some similarities with my own culture. Most importantly, during my studies I was given the opportunity to do my thesis and internship with RECOM, in an area that I am fully interested and with activities that keep me motivated and engaged. At the end of my internship, they offered me a job as Junior Product and Project Manager to develop not only the business intelligence for the company but some projects that goes hand to hand with my personal believes.

Natalia Ostrovskaya MSc

Innovation and Product Management Master's degree graduate

Russian originally, from a small town in the northwest of Russia, I have been envisioning studying and living in the DACH region. Back then, these dreams appeared near impossible to a young girl coming from “nowhere”. After years of studying and living in St. Petersburg, I got an opportunity for an exchange in Czech Republic, and it is where I have remembered my youth dreams, which encouraged me to search for a Master's programme abroad. 6 months after my return, I was already enrolled in the Innovation and Product Management Master's degree programme at University of Applied Science Upper Austria.

I think what truly triggered my move to Austria is my curiosity. I have always been extremely thirsty for adventure and searching for a place to unfold my potential, and this place I found in Austria.

After graduation, I am a Product Portfolio Manager at Mondi AG in Vienna, with a focus on flexible packaging and sustainability aspects. In a nutshell, my daily work is to bring transparency across the product mix and drive portfolio value optimization reflecting our production capacities and continuously changing market conditions.

I continue my professional development and growth at my work place. I am creating plans for the future and recently picked a new study programme on Austrian Real Estate Market. Dreaming about my own apartment and the first business in Vienna. I have already build my life around here; have many friends in Vienna and Upper Austria. Each time returning from a trip, it really feels like homecoming!

:) ahhh, yeah… one more thing, I finally have started to realize another childhood dream and have been visiting a dance school.

Sustainable Energy Systems

Master's degree programme

María Fernanda Bustamante MSc

Sustainable Energy Systems Master's degree graduate

The Master's degree programme in Sustainable Energy Systems in Wels gave me the experience and the knowledge I was looking for. From my perspective, the curriculum provides the students with the skills needed for professionals that work in the energy industry. The subjects are very complete: I learned from the behavior of photons in a PV panel… to financing and geopolitics. Besides the lectures, we also worked in laboratories and got hands-on experiences.

During my last semester, I got to work in a company to write my thesis related to hydrogen technologies. I am very grateful of how much support I got from my professors during this time.

All the learning during those 2 years helped me feel competent in my current role as a Project Manager in an international company providing sustainable energy solutions. Besides the study and job related benefits, a big plus of studying in Upper Austria is the leisure time in the beautiful nature.

Akshay Kumbhar MSc

Sustainable Energy Systems Master's degree graduate

I wanted to pursue higher studies in renewable energy systems. The Master's programme Sustainable energy systems offered by the University of Applied Sciences Wels Campus was a perfect match for my requirements considering international exposure, internship, and research opportunities at the university.

Since the completion of my Master Studies, I’ve been working as a Sales & Export Manager at ECOTHERM Austria GmbH. At ECOTHERM, I am responsible for Solar thermal projects.

Work-life balance, Quality of life, social security benefits and future job prospects were the main driving factors for me to stay in Austria. Additionally, being a hobby photographer Austria is a paradise for photography with its beautiful landscapes and mountains.

Nayrana Daborer-Prado MSc

Sustainable Energy Systems Master's degree graduate

The programme at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria Wels Campus seemed to be well structured and I really liked the idea of having different types of practical courses in the laboratories.

During my studies, I started an internship at ASIC as a Research Associate and was able to apply for a permanent position after I graduated in 2019. The best thing about doing internships during the studies is that you get to experience different types of activities within the industry before finishing the master's degree. A good advice is to try for internships in different areas, this way you will feel more prepared to choose the path that most suits your abilities and preferences after the graduation. In my case, I choose to go for the research field, which gives me a broad view into the different areas of the sustainable energy systems available, and how to implement them in specific situations.

Being from Brazil, I am used to people here being very open and friendly, and at first, I thought I would encounter a big cultural barrier here. Fortunately, that was not the case. I have found that Austrians are very hospitable and helpful, especially when they realize that the person is trying to understand and participate in their culture. Among the things that I like most about living here is how rich the culture is and how much one can learn everyday with the people here. I also love the amazing number of outdoor sports that one can practice overall here in Austria. Since I came, I started learning how to ski, and now I am in love with it. During the winter, I can't spend one weekend without hitting the slopes. In summer, hiking is my favorite activity.

Khawar Shehzad MSc

Sustainable Energy Systems Master's degree graduate

The course at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria Wels Campus was my priority because it was related to Sustainable Energy Systems, which is of course what the world needs nowadays.

Fortunately, before I finished my studies, I got a job offer from a well-known company (Geo Consult, Salzburg) as a technical assistant. I started working at Geo Consult in the field of tunnel projects and within a year and a half I was promoted to project manager. I worked on different projects all over the world.

After 3 years at Geo Consult, at the beginning of the pandemic, I got a job offer from one of the biggest companies in Austria, Porr Infra GmbH. Since then I had the opportunity to work on different projects at Porr, which included projects all over Europe.

The work-life balance in Austria is very relaxing, as I have enough time for my family and can take good care of my son. There are great learning opportunities every day.

The only challenge here is the German language. Once you learn German well and can communicate with others, there are no limits. I have taken courses at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria and also at the companies I work for. I can now communicate well in German with my colleagues, which has opened up a lot of opportunities for me and my family.