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Process description nostrification

  1. Submission of the application (by means of form I) including all required documents (from point II) to the head of the academic board by the applicant.
  2. Payment of the fee of 150 Euros by the applicant. The fee is to be paid in advance.
  3. Verification of completeness by the head of the academic board.
  4. Nomination of a member of the academic board for the management of the Nostrification Commission by the head of the academic board and transmission of the application together with the nomination to the head of studies of the degree programme with the highest professional affinity.
  5. Convening of the Nostrification Commission by the head of the studies. The commission consists of the head of the Commission, the head of studies and at least one expert from the department.
  6. Evaluation of the application by the Nostrification Commission.
  7. Return of the application to the head of the academic board with a recommendation of the Nostrification Commission (by means of Form II) and a justifying report of the meeting of the Nostrification Commission within 4 weeks. The recommendation shall be accompanied by expert opinions of
  8. the members of the Nostrification Commission of the academic board (incl. comparison of the scope and content of education of the university to be compared with the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria).
  9. Report by the head of the Nostrification Commission or the head of studies in the academic board.
  10. Decision-making by the academic board.
  11. Issuance of the decision as an official notice by the head of the academic board.

Documents for nostrification

  1. Proof that the nostrification is mandatory for the practice of the profession or for the continuation of the applicant's education in Austria.
  2. Signed curriculum vitae (with special emphasis on previous education).
  3. Birth certificate* and any documents concerning change of name (e.g. marriage certificate), if the educational records are in a previous name.
  4. Proof of citizenship* or passport*.
  5. Secondary-school leaving certificate*.
  6. Proof of studies* (study record/index/curriculum), transcripts* of the examinations taken incl. designation and examinations, including names and number of hours of courses attended and examinations taken.
  7. Degree* or diploma certificate*.
  8. Copy of the thesis and table of contents in German.
  9. Proof of payment of the processing fee.

* Foreign language documents are to be accompanied by certified translations, except for original documents in English.


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