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Finding friends

Study groups

Due to the organisation in year groups, studying groups are often organised directly by the students themselves. If this is not the case, students can always contact the programme management and/or the GDM-C team for support.


Students with non-Austrian citizenship, migration background or coming from abroad are at the right place at migrare when it comes to counselling on the following topics:

  • Education/studies/professions in Austria
  • Learning German in Austria - Where? How? Online offers, practical tips, tips for exam preparation
  • Job search in Austria: How do I find a job?
  • Checking application documents, preparation for job interviews, tips
  • Residence (legal and social counselling)
  • Contact point for people with qualifications acquired abroad

In addition, German can be learned and new contacts can be made in the language cafés offered by migrare.

Brass music and big band

Music, a language understood by all!

Austrian National Students' Union

The Austrian National Students' Union (ÖH) represents the interests of students and consists of campus and university representatives as well as the federal representation in Vienna. The ÖH offers advice, help and support and is itself always looking for motivated students who want to get involved.


ECO regulars' table

The ECO regulars' table is organised by the ECOmmunity on a monthly basis on the 1st Monday at 19:00, either virtually or in person. It was initiated by the sustainability department of the ÖH of the FH OÖ and presents projects with a focus on sustainability, as well as offering networking opportunities and support for your own projects. Feel free to drop by!


Sportive students can find like-minded people in Linz, Wels and Steyr as well as in Hagenberg in the respective sports teams. The sports covered here are basketball, archery, football, climbing, running, mini-golf, mountain biking, tennis, ultimate/disc golf, volleyball, swimming, triathlon, athletics, beach volleyball, fitness, hapkido, judo and rugby, while each faculty also offers sports courses at the beginning of each semester. Here is the information from the Wels campus, and here from Hagenberg.

Furthermore, the ÖH in Hagenberg has concluded an extra deal for students with the fitness studio in the Parkhotel. Get more information directly from the ÖH.

FHlug - Linux User Group

FHlug, the Linux User Group of FH Campus Hagenberg, not only runs an informative website, but also organises regular meetings with short lectures or workshops. Interested parties are very welcome!

Language café and cultural activities, gastronomy

Welcome to the four campus libraries of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. In the library search engine Primo you can search the entire printed and online stock. You are also welcome to use the study and work stations (with and without PCs) and to contact the library staff if you have any questions.

International Students

Have you come to Austria especially to study or have you been here for a while but do not have Austrian citizenship? In this case, there is often more to organise. Here you can find information material and contact points:

Religious Communities

Various religious communities have interdenominational offers, as well as some for members of the respective religion:

Catholic university community: khg@dioezese-linz.at

Protestant university community: ehg-wien@evang.at

Muslim Youth Austria: ooe@mjoe.at

Students' Union of Austrian Roma and Romnja

You feel you belong to the Roma or Sinti and/or would like to network? The first youth association of the Roma ethnic group in Austria gives you the opportunity to do so! Find out more on their website!


Board and card games that have specially been prepared for student use are available in the "ÖH Wohnzimmer" at Wels Campus. They can be borrowed at any time. For further information, please contact the ÖH Campus Wels!

Makerspace Hagenberg

In the Makerspace FH Hagenberg students can meet in their free time to realise their private or student ideas.

From a soldering station, oscilloscope and drill press to a professional 3D printer and laser cutter, the Makerspace has everything you need to turn dreams into hardware.

The Makerspace Hagenberg is managed and operated by students. Helping hands are always welcome here too.

More information about the Makerspace can be found on the Instagram page and the website:



Finding friends

The ÖH in Hagenberg also offers a campus discord, where you can make friends across all degree programmes. For more information, please contact the ÖH.

Volunteering and honorary work

Many organisations are looking for volunteers - this can also be a good way to get in touch with others. Here are a few ways to get involved in volunteering:

Information about volunteering in Austria

Volunteering in Austria

For concrete information about places who are looking for non-German-speaking volunteers, please contact tina.roth@dieziwi.at


You own a dog, but do not always have enough spare time, or you can't have one, but just love dogs? Here is your platform!



Dear money - sometimes it would be good if more of it were available. Here you can find opportunities for scholarships:

Carpool exchange

The way to the FH is often long and no matter whether you commute weekly or daily, you can save time and money with the help of the carpool exchange:

Family allowance

Parents who mainly live in Austria, often receive family allowance for their children even during their studies.

More information on how to apply for family allowance, as well as more information on family allowance for students, can be found on the website of the Austrian Federal Ministry.

Information for all students, also for those who would like to apply for family allowance for themselves, is provided by the ÖH.

Study grant

All students who have the Austrian citizenship and students with the same status as Austrians can apply for the study grant, which is a direct financial benefit linked to the success of their studies. Depending on the amount of your own and your parents' income, the application for a study grant is approved or rejected. Other grants, such as travel allowance, insurance contribution, etc., are also linked to the study grant.
Students with disabilities or own children can apply for an increase in the study grant.

Students who have already worked for at least four years can apply for the self-support scholarship, and they can also apply for study grants or for the completion of a course leading to a university entrance qualification.

More detailed information can be found on the website of the Studienbeihilfenbehörde. The Chamber of Labour Linz offers a scholarship calculator to assess whether an application for a scholarship is likely to be successful or not.

Hardware and software

A lot of technical equipment is necessary for studying at the FH, but you don't always have to buy everything yourself!

You will need your own computer (laptop) for your studies. If the financial means for this are not available, individual solutions are possible via the GDM-K or the respective study programme management. In addition, the FH OÖ provides students with the hardware and software required for their studies largely free of charge. Students can also purchase software (OnTheHub webstore) and hardware (u:book promotion) at favourable conditions via their FH OÖ account.


Is the FH too far away from home or do you need a change of scenery? Here are some tips on where many students live:

Often housing subsidies can also be applied for!

Meal subsidy / Mensabons

If at the end of the money there is still so much of the month left - why not pick up Mensabons at the ÖH of the FH OÖ? You can find all the information here!

Studies and internships abroad

Studying or doing an internship abroad does not have to be expensive: With the EU programme "Erasmus+", all persons enrolled as regular students at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria can apply for a scholarship. Here you can find more information on

Public Transport

The best way to travel to the FH campus in an environmentally friendly and comfortable way is by public transport and the cheapest way is with the Semester- or Klimaticket OÖ or the Klimaticket Now.

In Hagenberg, some companies also offer vouchers for students for e-car sharing cars. All information about this can be found here.


Depending on the type of the degree programme, studying and working can be combined more or less easily. Full-time Bachelor's programmes are usually quite time-consuming, while part-time and Master's programmes often allow students to work some hours and earn money while studying. There are many possibilities to find jobs, here are some examples:


The "Culture Pass" (Kulturpass) has been available in Upper Austria since 2 May 2007. The Social Platform and the Province of Upper Austria, Directorate of Culture, coordinate this campaign. In the meantime, more than 70 cultural partners and 100 social institutions have participated and provide free tickets or hand out the culture passes.

Because people who have little income or are in an emergency situation also have the right to participate in cultural life. Use the culture pass or make those affected aware of this offer!

Further information on the Culture Pass, the income limits and the cultural partners are available on the homepage of the Social Platform.

Care responsibilities and pregnancy

Short notice exam cancellations

In paragraph 5 of section 7 (study and examination regulations) of the statutes of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, it is stated under item "(1) General regulations for students and lecturers" that students can choose whether to sit for the first or second exam appointment. Since students are automatically registered for examinations, a desired cancellation by the student is necessary and possible up to a maximum of 3 days before the examination.

In the event of absence from an examination due to illness (including the need to care for sick relatives), a medical certificate must be submitted immediately.

Reduction of compulsory attendance

At the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, students have compulsory attendance in most subjects (except lectures). This means that they must be present on site (or, if this option is available, online) for 80% of all course times held. Under certain, "particularly worthy of consideration reasons", compensation for absences exceeding the specified level can be agreed with the head of the study programme and/or the individual lecturers.


We are currently in cooperation with Studo working on a possibility to provide a networking opportunity for students in certain life situations (e.g. pregnancy, students with children, students with caring responsibilities).


We are currently working on setting up a babysitter exchange in cooperation with Studo. More information will hopefully be published here soon.

Exchange semester abroad

Also Students with children can benefit from a semester abroad; there are even extra subsidies for this. You can find more information about this on the pages of the International Office. For personal advice, please also contact the International Office of your campus directly:

- Hagenberg

- Linz

- Steyr

- Wels

Diapering facilities

There are also several facilities for changing children at the respective locations:
- Hagenberg: Changing table in FH 2, level 1, room 113 (Room of Silence).
- Linz: Changing table in Building A, basement (access to underground car park) in the ladies' WC
- Steyr: changing table on the ground floor of FH I (in the disabled WC area near the middle staircase)
- Wels: unfortunately there is currently no baby changing table available at the FH in Wels.

Childcare Facilities

Do you need a childcare facility in Hagenberg?

The municipality of Hagenberg offers

- a crèche

- a kindergarten

- a primary school

- an after-school care centre

If you need assistance with the registration of your child/children, please contact the GDM-C or the Dean's Office of the FH Upper Austria, Hagenberg Campus.

Toy boxes

Toy boxes available at all 4 faculties and can be borrowed at any time. It contains mainly toys for small children and can be found here:

- Hagenberg: Library

- Linz: in the main building A, 2nd floor, by the window near the sofas

- Steyr: in the staff lounge "Talk" in the FH I building

- Wels: Library

Rooms of Silence

At the Faculty in Hagenberg, a "Room of Silence" is available to all students and staff. This can be used for breastfeeding or feeding children, for resting pregnant women or those in need of rest, for devotions or for prayer. The key is available in the administration.

Starting in autumn 2021, the hochschuleundfamilie team will work with the deans of the faculties in Wels, Steyr and Linz on concepts for similar services at these locations.

Maternity leave

A Bachelor's degree programme at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria lasts six semesters, a Master's degree programme four semesters. In certain cases, an interruption (maternity

leave) is possible, for example in the case of pregnancy or if family members require care or assistance. A maternity leave is applied for with the head of the study programme.

Young Carers

In Austria, there are more than 42,000 caring children and young people, so-called young carers. They support in the household, take care of younger siblings, take over care activities and bear a lot of responsibility. This is a big challenge that other people of the same age do not have to face. There is nothing wrong with being exhausted - getting help means showing strength!

Are you a young carer too?

Get information and support here (in German)

Comparable information in English from GB