Research cooperations at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

We are a reliable R&D-partner for businesses and institutions from industry and society.

Cooperation made easy

Research & development should be an important aspect for every company. Competitive advantages can only be ensured in the long term by the further development of processes, products or services. Our R&D offerings are not only aimed at commercial enterprises, but also at institutions from various disciplines and with different issues.

What options are there?

  • Applied R&D projects with partner companies
  • Academic research projects
  • International R&D projects
  • Symposia and Workshops
  • Supervision of bachelor`s  and master`s theses
Our projects and publications


With us, R&D becomes an efficient project. For our partners, the joint project becomes a financially manageable and efficient undertaking with minimized risk. The developed solutions are tailored to individual needs so that they can be applied directly in marketable products and processes. The main aim of R&D cooperations is to strengthen the competitiveness of the partner companies and safeguard Central Europe as a business location.

State-of-the-art knowledge. Modern equipment and well-equipped laboratories also provide the basis for innovative R&D solutions. We offer our cooperation partners state-of-the-art expertise and the many years of experience of over 450 professors and scientific staff at our 10 Centers of Excellence and areas of strength. Our project managers are very familiar with project management methods and students and interns are also involved as required.

Synergy between R&D, business and teaching. Joint research and business projects contribute to the further development of teaching and our degree programs. This means that students and graduates are highly qualified for high-tech companies or institutions in the health and social sectors.

Project schedule

A project can last from a few months to several years. Individual projects often develop into long-term partnerships in our research centers, such as the funded Josef Ressel Centers.


In addition to full funding from the client, the state, federal government and EU offer their support in numerous, sometimes topic-specific, funding programs.
funding programs. Projects that receive financial support from funding programs must comply with the respective program objective and meet corresponding
requirements. Our R&D controlling team ensures that the projects remain within budget.

Project partners contribute human and/or monetary resources.