Because knowledge never expires.

As a renowned educational and research institution, the Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences points the way to the future and offers jobs that take you further.

Around 1,000 employees work together with us on the future fitness of our students. This also makes the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria one of the largest employers in Upper Austria.

For three decades, we have offered a wide range of career opportunities in the fields of teaching, research and administration, science, IT and technology. We are committed to enabling our employees to develop their full potential and promote a culture of lifelong learning.
With our numerous research projects and innovative teaching, we enable, promote and guarantee the knowledge of the future. As an employer, we therefore point the way to a successful future.

Our employer values

Our focus: our employees

We focus on people - and this applies not only to our students, but above all to our team. Appreciation, diversity, cohesion, community and openness are practiced here. This is the only way we can learn and teach from and with each other.

Mission Knowledge

As an employer, we work together with our employees to create the ideal conditions for the unfolding and development of future-oriented knowledge: we generate new knowledge for the economy and society. And we pass this knowledge on to future generations. This makes us a trailblazer for the future.

Free space as the basis

We attach great importance to ensuring that our employees are satisfied not only at work, but also in their lives outside of work. That is why we rely on modern working time models with a high degree of flexibility, individual parental leave options, care leave and paternity leave. In addition, we promote the continuous development of our employees through our extensive range of further training opportunities.

Additional services & awards

The University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria offers its employees a wide range of social benefits: Monetary support from the works council, transport subsidies, discounts at partner companies, a meal allowance and much more. We are also particularly proud of our award as kununu Top Company 2023, the "University and Family" certificate and 3rd place (Education and Research category) in the study Austria's Best Employers 2021 by Trend, kununu and Xing.

"Triad of knowledge"

Science, business and teaching - form the network within which we operate on a daily basis. Our excellent contacts with regional and international companies are the basis for both the practical orientation of our studies and our forward-looking research projects. Our students, in turn, benefit from the resulting topicality and quality of our teaching. And we as an employer also benefit greatly from this: We can offer our employees a particularly varied and exciting range of tasks.

Regional responsibility

The University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria is a major employer in Upper Austria. Thanks to our 4 locations in Hagenberg, Linz, Steyr and Wels and our headquarters in Wels, we are always close to our employees. In this way, we ensure that attractive jobs in different areas are easily accessible. In addition, the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria is closely networked with the regional economy and supports local companies with its expertise and new developments. Despite our regional roots, we also have close international ties with partners in the fields of science, business and teaching.

„You can spend more time on a problem at the UAS, but the solution has to be more in-depth. It's also about how you can solve this problem in the future - that excites me a bit more here than pure business!”

Robert Zimmermann

Research assistant

Your onward delivery options

As one of the largest universities of applied sciences in Austria, we not only offer our students an excellent education, but also attach great importance to the development and promotion of our employees. As an employer, we offer a comprehensive range of internal and external further training measures on topics such as university didactics, personal development, project and office management, leadership skills and much more.

Internal further education program

Every year, the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria develops a varied internal continuing education program for its employees. In addition to numerous events in the areas of didactics, office management, personal development, international affairs, etc., comprehensive project management training is also offered.

External training events

In addition to a wide range of internal training opportunities, there is also the option of attending external training courses to acquire specific specialist knowledge.

Individual coaching

The University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria offers the opportunity to take advantage of individual or group coaching in both professional and personal areas, such as foreign language coaching.

Management training

This offer is aimed specifically at managers at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, who learn skills and methods for professionalizing their leadership in several modules.

What they learn is used ...
- to further develop their team and their employees.
- to develop the skills they need to successfully fulfill their role as a manager.
- to analyze their own behavioral patterns and get to know self-management methods.
- to learn how to motivate their team even in challenging situations.

Project management training

This training is aimed at managers, project leaders and project staff at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. In several modules, basic methods and instruments of project management are developed and important principles for establishing a project culture are taught. The focus is on the simple, efficient and professional implementation of projects - always taking company and UAS practice into account. After completing the course, there is the possibility of IPMA certification.

Apprenticeship & apprenticeship with Matura

As the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, we also offer the opportunity to complete an apprenticeship in the fields of information and systems technology, application development, administration and laboratory technology. We attach great importance to the advancement of our apprentices and support them in various ways. Among other things, we offer all apprentices the opportunity to complete an apprenticeship with Matura.

You can find more information about apprenticeships here

Part-time studies

As one of the largest universities of applied sciences in Austria, we naturally support our employees if they would like to complete a part-time degree alongside their job.

Health portal

Because health concerns us all! As an employer, we support our employees in maintaining their personal health. Awareness, self-care and staying healthy promote well-being and long-term health. With the FH Upper Austria Health Portal, we follow the bottom-up principle: because everyone is a specialist in their own health.

Women's Network@FH Upper Austria

The aim of this series of events is to make the achievements and talents of our FH Upper Austria women visible, to learn from each other, to gain different perspectives and to further expand our women's network.

Our locations

Headquarters Wels

Our headquarters are located in Wels. There we ensure smooth operations at the faculties in the various departments such as management, marketing, HR management, commercial departments and many more.

Campus Hagenberg

At the campus Hagenberg, we are driving forward the digital revolution in the fields of computer science, communication and media and score points with an impressive "Silicon Valley" in the middle of the beautiful Mühlviertel region.

Campus Linz

At the Linz campus, we are passionate about health, social affairs and medical technology and secure the system-relevant resources of the future.

Campus Steyr

At Steyr campus, we train the managers of tomorrow and boast what is probably Austria's most beautiful campus right on the water.

Campus Wels

At Campus Wels, we conduct research into sustainable innovations and train the pioneers of tomorrow's technology.

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