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Apprenticeships at the FH Upper Austria - your kickstart for your career! 🚀

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  • ⏳ own FH Upper Austria apprenticeships for over 20 years
  • 👥 25 employees are certified apprentice trainers
  • 📝 special FHOOE apprentice academy
  • 👩‍💻🧑‍💻 14 apprentices at the FH Upper Austria

Ready for your professional take-off? An apprenticeship at the FH Upper Austria is the best launch pad for your career. An apprenticeship in a scientific environment offers you practical relevance and exciting areas of responsibility. Accompanied by trainers, you will make an important contribution to the transfer and generation of knowledge in our society. Your future is therefore a piece of the puzzle for everyone's future! 🎓😊

Design the future of tomorrow's talent.

Our benefits for apprentices

Dream job according to your preferences 💻📚🔬

Whether information technology, coding, office & administration, archive & library or laboratory technology - with our jobs and tasks, there is guaranteed to be the right career opportunity to get you started.

An apprenticeship made for you! 💡

As one of the largest universities of applied sciences in Austria, we not only attach great importance to our students and apprenticeships, but also to our apprentices. With our FHOOE Apprentice Academy, we offer you a special further education program that has been specially developed for our apprentices. Perfect for professional and personal development!

Practical learning and growth 🤝

Our training is based on three pillars: theory, practice and personal development - whether you are a student or an apprentice. This means that you not only gain in-depth specialist knowledge, but can also put what you have learned directly into practice. These tasks will help you grow personally. We will support and guide you in this process.

Apprenticeship and Matura in one 🤓

Apprenticeship with Matura is of course an option for you. After all, with a completed apprenticeship and Matura, you are ideally equipped to successfully enter the world of work. Or to start your academic career - and then we'll see you again 😉

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