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Double & Triple Degrees

One study program - two or three degrees

Double Degrees

In accordance with the double degree agreements, students of the FH Upper Austria have the opportunity to obtain not only one but two diplomas during their studies at FH Upper Austria. We have double degree agreements with partner universities for the following FH Upper Austria Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs:

Applied Energy Science - Wels Campus

Global Sales and Marketing Bachelor - Steyr Campus
Global Sales and Marketing Master - Steyr Campus
Innovation and Product Management - Wels Campus
Software Engineering - Hagenberg Campus


Students have to be enrolled in an FH Upper Austria degree program and complete a period of study in a similar field at a partner university during their studies – mostly during a semester abroad. Each university recognises the student’s achievements in the other’s program and awards a separate academic degree.

In this way for example a Bachelor of Arts in Business from the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria can be awarded in addition to the Bachelor of Business Administration from the partner university. Both universities recognise the relevant modules for the field of studies they offer, so students do not have to complete two separate degree programs.

Triple Degree

The triple degree program offered by Global Sales & Marketing equips students with skills and knowledge to manage business sales and marketing activities for future challenges in international companies. For such managers it is essential to develop entrepreneurial thinking skills and to know how to navigate culture challenges. In today’s digitalized and globalized markets, understanding and making use of technological developments, influencing business processes, but also the ability to combine virtual and physical customer touchpoints is indispensable.

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