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FH OÖ Electives

With the FH OÖ Electives, you individualize your studies according to your wishes and expand your portfolio of skills.
In addition to the specified courses from your curriculum, you can choose from an increasing range of electives and thus expand your professional range.

Exciting courses are contributed by all faculties of the University of Applied Sciences, which either teach the basics or do not require any in-depth specialist knowledge.
You benefit from a wide range of in-house academic courses and the usual processes at the FH in terms of examination modalities etc.

Course Offer

You can choose your electives from a wide range of subject areas. Browse through what's on offer and sign up!
Please note: the dates may change slightly. You will then be informed in a timely manner.

The topics of each course and if it's taught at Master's or Bachelor' level is described in detail in the FH OÖ Electives course catalog:

Sign up for your course!

Registration for the courses for the summer semester is expected to begin in December/January!

Please note, that a minimum of participants is required in order to start a course. If this critical number cannot be reached, the course will not be held. In case you have registered for a course which will not be held you will be informed asap.
If there are spare places in a course, a late registration is also possible. Registration for a course ends latest one week before the course starts.

More information

Please browse through the FAQs. You'll find more information there!