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Co-operation with regional and international partners

All four Schools of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria offer practice-oriented, scientifically rigorous academic degrees which are recognised all over the world. We have an unmatched international reputation for producing graduates of the highest calibre who are able to command specialist and leadership roles in widely diverse careers.

  • Informatics, Communications and Media – Hagenberg
  • Applied Health and Social Sciences – Linz
  • Management – Steyr
  • Engineering and Environmental Sciences – Wels

Practical focus is our watchword

Marrying acquired knowledge in specialist fields with practice-based outcomes is at the heart of the University’s educational rubric. A key element of our approach is ensuring theoretical competencies are translated into measurable results in our various projects. Thus, our industry partners can be confident that cooperative ventures are based on the latest knowhow and shared resources, and provide and an invaluable early introduction to highly-qualified potential future colleagues. Our record of successful collaboration with more than 1,000 partners both at home and abroad speaks for itself. Opportunities for companies and external organisations to collaborate with our degree programmes are available on a variety of levels:

Students' Project

Project theses are an integral part of studies at a University of Applied Sciences and are composed after the 3rd semester while you study. For one semester and in coordination with the curriculum, four to six students work on a specific assignment commissioned by a company or organisation. In this way, current know-how can be put to practice. The businesses/organisations receive tangible results of the project. These are documented and presented by the students.

Project length:
1 or 2 semesters – 1 day a week
October or March
Lead time:
Approximately ½ year
Kick-off meeting, progress report, final presentation

Costs for the business:

Provided accessibility to use of infrastructure, payment or compensation at the discernment of the business.
To be excluded from this are projects which deal with services which are also offered in a directly comparable form from commercial providers.

Head of studies


As part of your Bachelor studies, students are required to complete an internship in a business or a suitable organisation in Austria or abroad. The goal of the internship is the practical deepening of specialist knowledge and its targeted application in the future professional field. The student has a measurable and clearly outlined project assignment to solve on site in the organisation. The topic can be chosen in alignment with the content of the respective course of studies.

Project length:
9 to 15 weeks

Lead time:
4 to 5 months
Costs for the business:
Competent advising from a specialist from the business, provided accessibility to use of infrastructure, compensation according to the internship contract (regular employment or contract for interns), evaluation upon completion.
Head of studies

Current internships can be found under the respective degree Programme.

Bachelor & Master Thesis

The Bachelor and Master theses deal with practice-related problems and often tackle real issues and tasks together with businesses. They offer the opportunity for the author to personally delve into and address a specific topic.
The topic should be relevant to the field of work, have an innovative character and be in alignment with the educational goals of the degree programme. Besides solving a problem, the paper should be theoretically-founded and an evaluation of the quality of the problem-solving or a critical assessment of various methods must be completed.

Project length:
3 months
Lead time:
Topic proposals by mid-November (start of project in the following summer semester)
Costs for the business:
Advisors from the business, provided accessibility to use of infrastructure, compensation arranged at liberty between the student and business.

Head of studies

Current Bachelor and Master theses can be found under the respective degree programme.

R&D projects

Every year, our researchers carry out more than 300 R&D projects at our 4 schools – cooperating with more than 600 national and international partners in economy and society.

The opportunities for collaborating with our University in R&D are diverse:

  • applied R&D projects with partner companies
  • scientific research projects
  • international R&D projects
  • symposia and workshops
  • thesis of bachelor or master students