In building A (Stelzhamerstraße 23) there are sufficient numbers of lockers available, whichcan be permanently rented in the library during the opening hours, for one study year. The lockers are located in the lower level, 2. Floor and 3. Floor.

The following rates apply:

Study year:
Locker small: 10,00 €
Locker medium: 15,00 €
Locker large: 20,00 €

Study semester:
Locker small: 5,00 €
Locker medium: 7,50 €
Locker large: 10,00 €

Replacement for lost:

Key: 20, - €
Attachments (number plate, chip, ring): 5, - €

Only 1 locker can be rented per person.
Storage of highly dangerous, explosive or poisonous substances is prohibited. If such substances are discovered disciplinary action may be taken. The lockers must be completely emptied at the end of the study year for cleaning. All lockers will be emptied by campus staff, the contents disposed of and the deposit not returned.

Locker sizes:
Small: 39 x 49 x 45,5 cm
Medium: 39 x 62 x 45,5 cm
Large: 39 x 190 x 45,5 cm