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Schedule Lectures

Here you can find the preliminary schedule of the 2023 Summer Academy.

Workshop descriptions

Team building / Project management

The participants should get to know each other and the campus a little better. This is to be achieved with the help of an educational escape room designed and created by industrial engineering students from the Wels campus.

Project time introduction

In groups of 4-5 students, will be given a project dealing with the future relevance of technologies that are covered during the summer academy. In a creative process, your group will develop a scenario that predicts the relevance of this technology addresses moral and ethical implications on society in the year 2031.

Scientific world view

Developments in the natural sciences cannot be separated from the developments of a philosophical world-view. Historically the natural sciences have their origin in philosophy. This lecture tries to cover the development in the natural sciences from their origin of the Greek philosophers to the modern world-view of the universe at large and the elementary particles in the small.

Humans– a naturally occurring species or a bio-engineered product?

How is your life going to be in 15 years? The advances in the fields of science, technology and engineering make an answer to this question impossible today. You are encouraged to describe a day in the life of a person in the year 2038. Using ChatGPT and a text to voice converter, this rather frightening or encouraging futuristic scenario will be presented and the stage is open for discussion of revolutionizing ideas

Wels - City tour

Get to know the city of Wels, the nice town in which the ISAE4W takes place. A professional guide will tell you about the great Roman history of this city and you will get to know the cultural and social hotspot of the eighth largest city in Austria.

Ethical and Sustainable design

In the workshop students rate Time Magazine's top inventions and vote on their top two choices. In small groups, they the examine the top two picks more critically with an ethical and sustainability lens. We will also examine Engineering Codes of Ethics.

Rosenbauer (Excursion)

A visit to the Rosenbauer Group. It is one of the word's three largest manufactures of fire-service vehicle and firefighting equipment, based in Leonding, Austria. Rosenbauer supplies the fire fighting sector in over 100 countries with a wide range of custom fire and rescue apparatus and services.


During this workshop, you will build robots using LEGO Mindstorms EV3 and write programs for these robots using the graphical LEGO language. the first robot will be smiling or will look sad (depending n your distance). The second robot will be a robot moving along a wall using a system that can also help to find a way out of a labyrinth.

Dynamics of space vehicles

The lecture introduces into the dynamics of space vehicles. Using the example of a trip to Mars, the basic concepts of aerospace engineering will be presented. As a result, the duration an th fuel consumption required for a Mars flight will be derived.

Creativescience - Discover Golden Ration (Excursion)

Use your knowledge of symmetry and ratio in math, nature and bionic technology to explore new ways to think about and work on classical and scientific challenges. You will have to discover your creative side to address questions from a completely different perspective.

Building bridges

Within this workshop we will study some basic principles of load bearing systems for bridges. After a short introductory lecture, we will construct some models using wood, rope and other materials. We will test the load bearing capacity of these models on our hydraulic test stand and compare the load bearing behavior and other properties of our bridge models.

Current projects in medical technology (Excursion)

Students acquire theoretical knowledge with respect to basics in Anatomy, Physiology, Biomechanics, Electrical Engineering and Electronic Systems. During the practical part of the lecture, students work with EMG-Signals picked up from the student's forearm. Signals will be amplified, visualized and made audible to control artificial limbs. The lecture contributes to improved knowledge and understanding in prosthetic limbs.

Museum visit: ARS Electronica Center in Linz

Watch artificial intelligence “think”, train self-driving cars, program robots, 3D print and much more! The topics at the Ars Electronica Center range from artificial intelligence and neuro-bionics to autonomous systems and robotics, genetic engineering and biotechnology as well as the profound global changes of our time. Experience fascinating exhibitions and events!

Water turbines simulation + Power Plant visit (Excursion)

Hydropower currently supplies about 16% of the world's electricity needs by capturing, the energy of falling water to generate electricity. The Austrian company ANDRITZ Hydro is a global supplier of electro-mechanical equipment and service from "water-to-wire" for hydropower plants. Together with a team of the Research Development Department at Andritz Hydro we will gain insight in the daily activities of hydropower engineers, and we will explore hydropower as a renewable energy source, discover different types of turbines and their role in the hydropower machinery and learn how research is conducted to design fish-friendly turbines.

Backaldrin (Excursion)

Backaldrin was founded in 1964 and develops innovative bread ideas and high-quality, individual baking ingredients for the global baking industry. The international company, managed by a third-generation family of bakers, operates successfully in more than 100 countries and has eight production sites, at its headquarters in Asten, Austria, as well as in China, Jordan, Mexico, Russia, Switzerland, South Africa and Ukraine.

Visit of a national treasure: Mostheuriger (Excursion

You'll get to eat Brettljause: a traditional Austrian snack served on a wooden board. With smoked meat, roast pork, ham, smoked sausages, cheese, "Verhackert" (minced meat and sausage spread), horseradish, spreads and pickld cucumbers and fresh farmer's bread.