Prerequisites - University Entrance

The following requirements must be met for acceptance in one of the university’s degree programmes:

Bachelor's Degree

A requirement for admission to a university of applied sciences Bachelor's degree is generally a university entrance qualification (higher education entrance qualification / High School leaving certificate/ university entrance exam), relevant university entrance exam, recognised foreign certificates or FH Upper Austria Study Preparatory Programme

  • High School Certificate / A-levels
    from a general or vocational secondary school.
  • Secondary School Vocational Certificate
    can be successfully completed after an apprenticeship or vocational high school. It permits one to study at a university / FH.
  • University Entrance Exam
    allows admission to a particular field of study at a university or college without matriculation examination.
  • Aproved foreign school leaving certificate
    which is equivalent to an Austrian school leaving certificate either as a result of a bilateral agreement, due to a confirmed recognition (nostrification) or the acquisition of missing teaching content from a recognised university. Foreign applicants normally have to prove at the time of application mastery of the languages ​​of instruction.
  • FH Study Preparatory Programme
    for candidates with relevant professional vocational training (apprenticeship, vocational middle school) with relevant additional examinations.

Relevant practical experience refers to the chosen degree programme and is therefore defined differently for each degree programme.

Additional information for international applicants

Depending on the degree programme, German language certificates (min. B2 or German Preparation Programme) and English (TOEFL, IELTS certificate) are required. Evidence of higher education depends on the country of origin. Detailed information can be obtained from ANABIN or the Federal Ministry of Science.

Applicants from the following countries have to submit a relevant professional qualification in accordance with the Fachhochschule Studies Act section 4 subsection 4 (§ 4 Abs 4 FHStG) or a general university entrance qualification in accordance with the Fachhochschule Studies Act section 4 subsection 5 (§ 4 Abs 5 FHStG) whereby only certified documents will be accepted.

  • Africa (esp. North Africa and West Africa e.g. Egypt, Libya)
  • Bangladesch
  • China
  • Iran
  • Kosovo
  • Mongolia
  • Pakistan
  • Sri Lanka
  • Vietnam

It is necessary to provide “full diplomatic legalization”:

  1. Authentication of the certificate by the competent ministry (ministry of education for example) of the country of origin
  2. Legalization by the ministry of foreign affairs of the country of origin
  3. Apostille from the Austrian representation in the country of origin

University applicants from China have the opportunity to contact the academic test centre in Beijing (APS Peking). All the essential documents can be tested there for their authenticity and plausibility. For more details go to

Master's Degree

Entrance requirements for a university of applied sciences Master's programme is the completion of a relevant Bachelor's degree or completion of a relevant higher degree or equivalent (e.g. Diploma degree) at a recognised domestic or foreign university.

You can complete a Master's programme right after the Bachelor's degree or even after a few years of work. The FH Upper Austria offers Master’s degree programmes as both full-time and part-time degree programmes.

The Master's programme lasts four semesters at the FH Upper Austria. Please note for your choice of studies that postgraduate doctoral studies at a domestic or foreign university is possible only after a four-semester Master's programme - in contrast to educational providers that offer Master's degree of only two semesters.